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Sharp Promises to Start Selling Its PN-K321 Betimes

Official announcement of a new professional monitor from Sharp earlier in November grasped all analysts and customers into anticipation. This was dictated by the fact that PN-K321 (the codename of a new model) was claimed to employ IGZO semiconductors in their framework. The implementation of IGZO technology implied the launch of a product with a really high resolution. Sharp managed to successfully introduce this technological 'know-how' into its monitor and claimed the maximal resolution for PN-K321: 3840x2160.

Sharp PN-K321 features 32-inch display with 16:9 aspect ratio. It is known to support Ultra HD format that is still rarity in this segment. The display is based on IGZO semiconductors that are a combination of indium, gallium, oxide and zinc. They ensure wide viewing angles and brilliant color rendering. Brightness index is recorded at 250 cd/m2.

The model accommodates two built-in stereophonic speakers, the overall power of which equals to 4W, 3.5 mm audio slot, …

Vendors Present the Shuttle X1 Nettop as a Gaming Mini PC

Shuttle is well-known for its nettops, cases and barebone systems. In the meantime it presented its latest product – a mini PC under the X1 code name.

Despite the fact that a nettop cannot function as a gaming system, a pilot Shuttle X1 hybrid is developed to prove a negative. The novelty will operate the NVIDIA graphics accelerator, support VR content and 4K video.

Reportedly, Shuttle X1 will be based on the unidentified Intel processor. Vendors assure that by the time of release the chipset chosen will be one of the most innovative Intel solutions for devices of such a format. Customers should also expect Intel Optane support and presence of many interfaces for peripherals and accessories connection on the X1 chassis.

Regarding Shuttle X1 dimensions, we must admit that according to the image published, the nettop is going to beat Intel NUC and will be not pocket-sized. Unfortunately, for the moment Shuttle experts decided not to reveal technical details and shared …

Aqua Computer cuplex kryos NEXT CPU Water Block Review


Aqua Computer began its work in 2001. It was a small Germаn company with a good reputation and great ambitions, which helped them to achieve more than lots of their competitors. Today we will take a look at one of their coolers — cuplex kryos Next. The first version of this water cooler launched in 2010. The new block is based on its old version but there is a number of differences, which I’m going to talk about at the moment.

Those who have ever worked with this device surely admired its plain urban design and high quality. It is not the most fashionable model, nor the cheapest one, but for this price you get the quality of the experience and workmanship, which will not disappoint you in some years. Let’s start our review from the very beginning – the box and its content.

Packaging and contents

You get your cuplex kyos NEXT in a compact box with the minimum information on it. There is a big image of the block together with the logo and …

PhysX devices, ishlab chiqaruvchilar.

Bu sahifada s haydovchilar shlab chiqaruvchilar ro'yxatini topishingiz mumkin, bizning veb-saytida yuklab olishingiz mumkin. chiqib, munosib bir haydovchi uchun eng yaxshi qidirish bizning bazasida mavjud, sizning ishlab chiqaruvchi tanlash 0an s 25142 bu bo'limda taqdim etilgan.

DevID : : PhysX devices

Zamonaviy o'yin ilovalar ishlab chiquvchilar o'yinlar iloji boricha aniq hikoya va fizika uchun har bir harakat qiling. O'z navbatida, muxlislar o'yin harakat uchun "siqish" maksimal butunlay sizning KOMPYUTER va shu maqsadda tashkil etish maxsus PhysX transformator. Eng so'nggi o'yin, siz to'liq sarguzasht o'ylab dunyoda o'zingni suvga solish imkonini beruvchi optimallashtirish.

PhysX accelerator bir mikroprotsessor engillatib computational yukini jismoniy ta'sir o'yinlar dan CPU. Uning barcha imkoniyatlarini uchun, bu chip bo'lsa, qo'llab-quvvatlash alohida o'yin dastur yo'q bo'lsa, oxirgi foydalanuvchi uchun foydasiz bo'lishi mumkin. Uchun o'z ichiga CPU o'yin qiladi fizika mexanizmi PhysX SDK deb o'rnatilgan kompyuter kabi bir haydovchi uchun PhysX tezlatgichlar, - debdi.

Protsessor PhysX edi tomonidan ishlab chiqilgan Ageia bo'lgan edi, keyinchalik orttirilgan kompaniya tomonidan Nvidia biri hisoblanadi yetakchi ishlab chiqaruvchilari grafik kartalar. Endi barcha zahiralari accelerator bor taqdim shaklida majmuini texnologiyalari, deb Nvidia o'z mahsulotlarini taqdim etmoqda.

Apparat va dasturiy almashtirish qaramay, bu texnologiya o'yin ning haqiqiy o'zaro muhitlar bilan ta'minlash va parallel hisoblash misli ko'rilmagan imkoniyatlari ishlashi uchun rahmat tezlashtirish uchun fizika optimallashtirish uchun maqsad. Natijada, futbolchilar o'yin ko'proq yorqin taassurotlar olish. Bundan tashqari, agar siz yuklab olish haydovchilar uchun PhysX tezlatgichlar mumkin kamaytirish kechikishlar va kamchiliklarni doirasida dinamik o'yinlar, beruvchi foydalanuvchi uchun bo'lib, bir partiya uchun harakat.


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