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The GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Graphics Card Has Much In Common With Titan X, but Holds More Elements

Several days ago Nvidia has introduced its most effective consumer graphics card, namely GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. It is GP102 GPU based and holds 3,584 CUDAs. This device resembles the Titan X sample. Its graphics engine is the same, however, the number of ROP units (96) is higher, the memory bus (384 bits) is wider, the memory volume (12 GB) is bigger, frequencies are higher, and the price is much lower!

As it turned out, GeForce GTX 1080 Ti is produced with a PC-board of its high-end counterpart, but there are differences in electronic components. Thus, the power subsystem has been refined due to the duplicated quantity of MOSFET transistors. Now it is possible to overclock the adapter to higher frequencies. GTX 1080 Ti has got nine extra solid capacitors. The absence of a DVI port provides more vents on the back panel.

In general, for public users this product almost copies the more expensive Titan X model and at the same time can be more productive in games.

Here Goes! Zotac Announces GeForce GTX Titan Graphics Card

Once Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan officially emerged in the market, all graphics cards manufacturers has proceeded with the announcement of new products based on super-fast GPU. Zotac is among the pioneers to implement this new and advanced adapter into its own card which is promised to demonstrate utmost image detailing and sharpness. According to Zotac developers, their novel product differs immensely from the ones delivered earlier in terms of speed and performance. Due to the employment of 6GB memory modules and processors frequently integrated into supercomputers, Zotac GeForce GTX Titan will be able to satisfy all hardcore enthusiasts’ requirements.

Graphics card from Zotac features an intellectual automatic overclocking system. An improved Nvidia GPU Boost 2.0 technology will provide for an automatic overclocking but only when there are favorable system conditions for heightened frequencies. Thus, the system relies not on power consumption index but on real GPU temperature …

Corsair Introduces HXi 80Plus Platinum Power Supply Units

Corsair, a multi-profile American company, starts shipping new high-end PSUs of HXi series. The series currently combines three models with a totally modular design and the employment of Japanese electrolytic capacitors. Corsair HXi 750 W, Corsair HXi 850 W and Corsair HXi 1000 W models are distinguished by the highest efficiency of 91% that results in the conferment of 80Plus Platinum certificate.

Corsair HXi power supply units demonstrate compatibility with Intel Core CPUs (4th generation) and AMD’s latest APUs. The triple totally corresponds to ATX standard of the latest version. Cooling of all internal components is realized due to a low-noise 140 mm fan, based on a fluid-film bearing. Moreover, the implementation of Zero-RPM Fan Mode enables the blades to rotate only on the load pickup.

The units are furnished with a large set of protection tools, saving the layout from off-nominal conditions: voltage overloading, power overloading, input voltage overloading, …

PhysX devices, ishlab chiqaruvchilar.

Bu sahifada s haydovchilar shlab chiqaruvchilar ro'yxatini topishingiz mumkin, bizning veb-saytida yuklab olishingiz mumkin. chiqib, munosib bir haydovchi uchun eng yaxshi qidirish bizning bazasida mavjud, sizning ishlab chiqaruvchi tanlash 0an s 1 bu bo'limda taqdim etilgan.

DevID : : PhysX devices

Zamonaviy o'yin ilovalar ishlab chiquvchilar o'yinlar iloji boricha aniq hikoya va fizika uchun har bir harakat qiling. O'z navbatida, muxlislar o'yin harakat uchun "siqish" maksimal butunlay sizning KOMPYUTER va shu maqsadda tashkil etish maxsus PhysX transformator. Eng so'nggi o'yin, siz to'liq sarguzasht o'ylab dunyoda o'zingni suvga solish imkonini beruvchi optimallashtirish.

PhysX accelerator bir mikroprotsessor engillatib computational yukini jismoniy ta'sir o'yinlar dan CPU. Uning barcha imkoniyatlarini uchun, bu chip bo'lsa, qo'llab-quvvatlash alohida o'yin dastur yo'q bo'lsa, oxirgi foydalanuvchi uchun foydasiz bo'lishi mumkin. Uchun o'z ichiga CPU o'yin qiladi fizika mexanizmi PhysX SDK deb o'rnatilgan kompyuter kabi bir haydovchi uchun PhysX tezlatgichlar, - debdi.

Protsessor PhysX edi tomonidan ishlab chiqilgan Ageia bo'lgan edi, keyinchalik orttirilgan kompaniya tomonidan Nvidia biri hisoblanadi yetakchi ishlab chiqaruvchilari grafik kartalar. Endi barcha zahiralari accelerator bor taqdim shaklida majmuini texnologiyalari, deb Nvidia o'z mahsulotlarini taqdim etmoqda.

Apparat va dasturiy almashtirish qaramay, bu texnologiya o'yin ning haqiqiy o'zaro muhitlar bilan ta'minlash va parallel hisoblash misli ko'rilmagan imkoniyatlari ishlashi uchun rahmat tezlashtirish uchun fizika optimallashtirish uchun maqsad. Natijada, futbolchilar o'yin ko'proq yorqin taassurotlar olish. Bundan tashqari, agar siz yuklab olish haydovchilar uchun PhysX tezlatgichlar mumkin kamaytirish kechikishlar va kamchiliklarni doirasida dinamik o'yinlar, beruvchi foydalanuvchi uchun bo'lib, bir partiya uchun harakat.


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