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CES 2018: the External Lenovo Thunderbolt 3 Graphics Dock Station for a Video Card

At CES 2018 Lenovo demonstrated its Thunderbolt 3 Graphics Dock solution, which is an external docking station for a graphics accelerator.


The specialty is performed in a relatively thin case, possessing such dimensions: 248 × 130 × 22.6 mm. The computer can be connected via the Thunderbolt 3 (on the base of the USB Type-C port) interface, providing the 40 Gbps throughput capacity. Thunderbolt 3 Graphics Dock is powered by the 170 W network adapter, while up to 65 W of energy may go to the laptop connected. Hardware peripherals can be attached through one USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 ports. Besides, there are such interfaces as DisplayPort 1.3 (×2), HDMI 2.0 and Gigabit Ethernet.


The station houses the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 MXM accelerator, offering 4 GB of the GDDR5 memory. This solution ensures the mainstream-class effectiveness, so one should not expect to get top-level graphics experience. However, the main …

Area Claims the Development of Four New Expansion Cards

Area, a Japanese hardware retail company, has voiced its intentions to release four new expansion cards with SATA III interface and USB 3.0 ports. The announced products are called to present additional expansion facilities to PC systems. According to the present-day data, the release will include four models: PE4U3E-3E1 Sport Quattro, D-EP34U3R-S3, SD-PEU3R-2T2IL, and S-PESA3ES2L.

The first model, codenamed PE4U3E-3E1 Sport Quattro, will be based on Etron EJ188 controller. It will accommodate four USB 3.0 ports, three of which are external and the other one – internal. This expansion card will employ PCI Express 2.0 x2 bus for the connection to the PC interface.

The second model, codenamed D-EP34U3R-S3, will operate under the supervision of Renesas D720202 controller. The model will include two external and two internal USB 3.0 ports. The third model, SD-PEU3R-2T2IL, will employ Renesas D720201 controller as the basis and will contain also four USB 3.0 ports (two …

WQHD Monitor Asus PB278Q Review

27-inch monitors were supposed to be quite an expensive solution several months ago, but today they are becoming more affordable due to the switch to LED technology. To say more, the army of displays with WQHD resolution (2560x1440) has grown from a few rare models to a line of products designed by a series of vendors. Asus joined this army with the introduction of monitor PB278Q. Its launch aroused great interest from the part of Asus devotees, as well as of all 'WQHD-targeted' customers.

Background Information

Monitor PB278Q is the first 27-inch model with WQHD resolution designed by Asus. It employs PLS+W-LED panel type manufactured by Samsung (LTM270DL02) and is a true 8-bit solution for home-based and corporate spheres. The array response time, measured at GtG methodology, is recorded at 5 ms mark. Viewing angles in both flats (vertical and horizontal) equal to 178 degrees; this is a typical figure for such type of displays. The maximal display brightness achieves 300 …

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