Foremay 2TB SSD: Reality for Industrial and Critical Systems

SSD segment has been characterized by a violent development from the very appearance of small-sized drives. Nonetheless, Foremay has managed to accelerate this development by announcing two new SSD lines housed in compact cases and featuring a truly striking capacity. About two years ago, the company released the models of 1TB capacity, but today it's claiming the coming release of models featuring 2TB capacity. Not all HDD products can nowadays boast such volumes, but Foremay was lucky to combine the size with capacity.

The first SSD line will be entitled SC199 and will serve the needs of critical applications. The second line is known to be codenamed TC166 and intended at industrial employment. All models are designed in 2.5-inch form-factor and employ SATA 6Gb/sec interface for the connection with various PC and computing systems.

According to Jack Winters, one of the Foremay's founders and promoters, the company implemented some new technological developments to …

Foxconn Q77M: Effective Solution of Corporate Tasks

Foxconn introduces a new motherboard destined for the efficient solution of all basic corporate assignments. Codenamed Foxconn Q77M, the model is developed in micro-ATX form factor and supports processors from Intel: Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge (Intel Core i3, i5, i7 of the second and third generations). It is peculiar for the integrated facilities pertained to the remote control and virtualization.

Motherboard Foxconn Q77M employs high-quality Japanese capacitors in its framework. The minimal error-free operational time is estimated at sixty thousand hours. Such index is going to attract those corporate clients who require stable and uninterrupted work with the utmost performance.

This model accommodates such video interfaces as VGA, HDMI, DisplayPort, and DVI, gigabit LAN socket, six-channel HD audio codec and graphics core with DirectX 11 support. Additionally, the board allows employing up to 32GB of DDR3-1600 MHz memory type and supports RAID standards with the …

Antec Outs Budgetary GX500 Chassis

Antec, a well-known designer of multiple hardware solutions, has released a new budgetary chassis, codenamed GX500. The model is developed in mid-tower form-factor and features 205x476x458 mm dimensions. It is made of solid steel but is complemented by plastic patches. The case has got a totally black coating and minimum accessories. The customers are able to acquire the product for the recommended price tag of EUR 59.

Antec GX500 supports the integration of standard ATX, as well as detracted mini-ITX and micro-ATX motherboards. The internal layout is ready to accommodate two 5.25-inch drives, five 2.5/3.5-inch drives, and seven PCI expansion cards. Storage might be enlarged due to the availability of one more external 3.5-inch drive bay.

Spacing within the chassis is sufficient to pack ATX power supply unit, CPU cooler of 158 mm in height, graphics adapters of 380 mm in length, and heatspreaders (liquid-cooling) of 380 mm in length. The chassis’ exterior does not …

Monitors, 制造商的列表

在这一页你可以找到名单的制造商Monitors驱动程序的你可以在我们的网站上下载的。 最好的搜索一个合适的驾驶员出50538可在我们的数据库,选择的制造商1美元来自25提出了在这个部分。

DevID : : Monitors

计算机监视器设备,用于视觉显示的信息。 当然,这是最原始的解释的术语,可以理解的初级用户和高级用户。 现代化的监测是结构上组成的一个外壳、显示器(屏幕),电力供应和控制板,但硬件的每个模型的变化显着。 的正常运作的任何实现的功能满足特别程序驱动监测器。

阿森纳的电脑更新的新模式。 什么时应注意当选择正确的装置为家庭/办事处/游戏吗?


  • 对角线。 斜线或只是屏幕上的大小可能有所不同,从15到32英寸。 对于普通家庭目的方法解决与对角线标准(17日至19英寸)。 如果监视器被用作电视、多媒体或图形的屏幕,更好地优先考虑的模式的大尺寸;
  • 格式。 今天市场上,除了通常的设备4:3的格式,主要通过宽屏显示器的一个方面的比例为16:9月16日:10. 他们的优势是由于这样的事实,最新的电影,片段和游戏的开发,在本格式;
  • 该决议的屏幕上。 屏幕下的决议通常被理解为总点数象素垂直和水平。 更多的这些点,更清晰和更好的图像。 监测决议的 完整清 (1920×1080素)的最佳解决方案的任何些目的。 但是技术并没有停滞不前和现在市场上提供模式分辨率较高–2560×1440,这可以让你把屏幕上的多窗口;
  • 背光。 改善色再生的显示器和减少其消耗电力生产商的大规模引进的设备 导致照明(导致). 模型用 LED 技术的费用比标准的灯泡,但是操作是相当的能源效率;
  • 这种类型的矩阵。 费用的监测取决于该类型的适用矩阵。 有的设备上的矩阵 TN, IPS的, PLSVA. 矩阵 TN 是最可用,因为他们无法提供广泛的视角。 他们的主要优势--最低的响应时间顺播放的动态图像。 矩阵 IPS 的特点是最大的视角,优秀色的再现,但是不能拥有一个快速反应。 矩阵 提供高亮度和广泛的视角,但是不能提供快速反应。 最后,该矩阵 VA 及其变体 /MVA 高比之下,最佳的颜色殖和小型反应时间;为提高图像质量和优化参数对于您的个人需要的,你需要下载的驱动程序,用于监控免费;
  • 音频。 大多数现代监视器来到市场有一个内置的音频系统的形式的立体声音箱。 当然,他们是不可替代的外交部的声音质量,但是当使用的设备作为一个电视他们有相当能够满足用户要求;
  • 小组的输入/输出。 连接外部设备(笔记本电脑游戏,等等)。 监视器都配有特殊的产出。 最普遍的是 HDMI,可以发送视频和声音数字格式,以及 DVD,发送视频信号中的数字格式。

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