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ASUS Maximus V GENE Layout and Design Features

Contemporary users have become rather exigent towards the functional capabilities of various devices. That is because all people expect instant reaction of their devices on multiple requests despite the purpose of usage: either the purpose of PC employment is business or a game. High-end motherboard is able to satisfy any thoroughgoing requirements of users with any needs and preferences.

ASUS has gained reputation for being in the top list of companies which produce notebooks, PCs and computer equipment. The company has recently released a new motherboard model Maximus V GENE which is already in the top list of products of the same category.

ASUS Maximus V GENE works with Intel Core processors in mATX format. People with the particular requirements towards the design will be more than fascinated by the black and red cabinet. The density of element compactness is the most striking item in the design which leaves practically no space on the board. ASUS Maximus V GENE employs the improved power feed subsystem along with capacitors and converter elements. Four connectors for memory card can be found in some distance from the processor socket. This allows the integration of coolers of quite large dimensions. Besides, chipsets in ASUS Maximus V GENE are cooled due to the passive system of cooling.

To continue, it should be mentioned that ASUS Maximus V GENE package contains additional expansion card which empowers the porting of diverse devices with mSATA or Mini PCI Express interface. Audio subsystem in this model deserves a particular attention due to its improved characteristics. Sound section area is partially separated from other elements and is located on a separate board. Such localization reduces the sound disturbances in several times.

The integration of ROG Connect tool in the motherboard is considered to be one of the most long-awaited developments of ASUS company. This tool allows the connection of the platform to other devices by means of USB port; in its turn, such type of connection enables the capability of remote administration. The layout of the back panel is equipped with varied control elements and sockets. It consists of four USB 2.0 connectors and four USB 3.0 connectors targeted at the connection of multiple component units. In addition, the back panel has integrated eSATA and RJ-45 sockets.

The entire package of ASUS Maximus V GENE contains a range of component units: back panel faceplate, disc with drivers, cables, ROG Connect tool, and user manual.
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  • 21 May 2012, 15:21
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