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Microsoft’s Undertakings in Open-Source Soft Sphere

Microsoft Corporation is known for its high performance and compliance with the demands of contemporary consumers. In this light, Microsoft has recently created a subsidiary company, Microsoft Open Technologies, which is called to develop and improve the software with the open-source code. Among other responsibilities of newly-created company, Microsoft Open Technologies is entitled with the liability to track and manage all the corporate investments directed to the open-source software sphere.

It should be stated that software with the open source code is a quite promising sphere in IT field. This is explained by the fact that such soft allows developing, changing, replenishing, and polishing the programs and applications by different users at once. This becomes possible due to the open source code available for several users simultaneously. Microsoft Open Technologies will serve also the unifying factor for the multiple companies and communities that long for cooperation with Microsoft in this sphere.

The major priorities put before Microsoft Open Technologies are the acceleration of program backup and release based on the open source code technologies. In addition, the company will take active part in improving of already existing projects created on such software.

Microsoft is currently cooperating with a number of communities which main business is the development of open source software. The upcoming objectives include the agreement signing with the range of other companies willing to make big projects together. Functional and technical capacities of Microsoft allow the subsidiary company to support thousands various standards for open-source software. Nowadays such giants as Linux, Joomla and Drupal are well-known for their projects in the sphere; and all of them use the platform for their projects developed by Microsoft. In this respect, the cooperation and further development of relationships are seen in encouraging colors.

Microsoft Open Technologies chief officer Jean Paoli states that the corporation is ready for cooperation with all parties who see the development and amelioration of the open-source soft as their main priority. The basic targets of such cooperation are the compliance with the demands of customers, increase of capacities for the open-source soft users, and the possibility to unite the technologies utilized by Microsoft with other open-source soft developers’ models.
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  • 17 May 2012, 14:48
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