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Cooler Arctic Accelero Xtreme 7970 Review

Success in hardware industry is greatly relied on the technologies applied by the manufacturers, quality of products and the frequency of new releases. The development of new technologies and quality of the produced items demands sufficient resource base and bright intellectuals who can influence the frequency of new releases. Here everything is interrelated. Arctic Cooling AG company does not sacrifice any of the success aspects and frequently gladdens its clientele with outstanding products. Arctic Accelero Xtreme 7970 is a bright representative of coolers for Accelero graphics cards which is able to offer multiple opportunities.

Framework Peculiarities

The first peculiar feature that might strike the customers’ eyes is that cooler Accelero Xtreme 7970 framework does not differ a lot from its predecessors. It is equipped with three 92 mm fans which go in a plastic cover, and with two radiator sections based on five copper heat tubes. This model claims to endure 300 W of thermal load which is a perfect showing for the efficient single-processor graphics cards. The radiator consists of seventy-seven aluminum wafers of 92x21mm dimensions and seven wafers more of 60x21 mm dimensions. The depth of the wafers equals to 0.3 mm which corresponds to the dimensions claimed with previous models. Moreover, there is an additional aluminum radiator located above the cooler which ensures the heat dissipation from the top part of tubes to the cooler’s bottom.

However, Accelero Xtreme 7970 is differentiated by the availability of milled square on the base which exceeds the base bottom 1 mm in height. The crystal of Tahiti graphic processor is localized a bit lower than the protective frame; thus, in order to ensure the total contact with the crystal, the cooler’s base has been developed with such milled square in mind.

The fans rotation speed is handled automatically by means of the PWM method and reaches up to 2000 r/min. The maximal power consumption of each individual fan does not exceed 1.44 W. All the fans can be connected as with three- so with four-contact block on the graphics cards, as well as directly with the PATA-type PSU cable by means of the dedicated adapter. It should be noted that the noise level produced by this cooler is rather low which adds to the product’s success.

The nominal delivery set of Arctic Accelero Xtreme 7970 comprises a number of aluminum radiators for video memory and power components chips, a fixing set, an amplifying wafer, two-component thermal glue, PATA-type adapter, and lattice strip for the rear plate.

Installation and Compatibility

Despite the indicative model codename, Accelero Xtreme 7970 can be installed not only on HD 7970 graphics cards, but also on other AMD Radeon HD card models. The installation process starts from the standard cooler takedown; the amplifying wafer can be installed only after the GPU Reactor module is removed from the rear side of the board. The amplifying wafer goes with the adhesive base for proper installation; with the purpose to facilitate its installation and avoid skews, the user needs to glue plastic slugs to its internal side. One more important peculiarity to take into account: the cooler’s length equals to 288 mm, however it doesn’t block the access towards the additional power sockets (which is usually traced with the alternative cooling systems for graphics cards).


Cooler Accelero Xtreme 7970 is characterized by the following specifications:
— dimensions: 228 x 104 x 54 mm;
— maximum heat removal power: 300 W;
— quantity of radiator wafers: 84;
— fan bearing type: 1, hydrodynamic;
— nominal fans voltage: 12V;
— fans current intensity: 0.12A.


All testing results taken on Accelero Xtreme 7970 proved its efficiency and advantage over some renowned competitors. For example, this cooler proved to be in 7 degrees Celsius temperature more efficient (on 880 r/min) than its counterpart Twin Frozr IV(on 1730 r/min) when in silent mode, and in 4 degrees more efficient in automatic mode (on 1140-2240 r/min). This provided for the perceptible noise reduction when the fans are in operational mode. Even the slightest data gap affects the noise level which remains minimal with Accelero Xtreme 7970 despite the mode or loading.
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  • 03 July 2012, 18:58
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