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A Triplet of Waterblocks for Titan Z Graphics Solutions from EK Water Blocks

EK Water Blocks, a well-known Slovenian manufacturer of enthusiast-level liquid coolers for GPUs, has just introduced a triplet of waterblocks for the newly arrived Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan Z adapters. The EK-FC Titan Z – Nickel, EK-FC Titan Z – Nickel (Original CSQ) and EK-FC Titan Z – Acetal + Nickel models are sure to provide the maximal cooling at the highest frequencies both for dual- GPUs and memory chips. All the blocks come with a transparent acrylic cover and a lid from POM ACETAL plastic.

EK-FC Titan Z waterblocks are attributed to full-cover solutions. This implies that they efficiently remove heat not only from graphics cores, but also from GDDR5 memory chips, as well as from voltage regulators of VRM subsystem. Areas in direct contact with the GPUs are equipped with micro-channels of 0.7 mm width. The blocks maintain resistance to the coolant stream; hence, they might be employed along with low-power pumps.

The waterblocks features copper nickel-plated base that saves them from corrosion. They are thought to support EK-FC Bridge and Link CSQ couplers, which might be used in multi-GPU systems, allowing to combine the very graphics card with other cards having compatible waterblocks.

The EK-FC Titan Z – Nickel is already available for 149.95 EUR, the EK-FC Titan Z – Nickel (Original CSQ) costs 153.95 EUR and EK-FC Titan Z – Acetal + Nickel comes at the price tag of 153.95 EUR. The nominal delivery set boasts a mounting bar that takes two slots in the chassis and a heatspreader plate EK-FC Titan Z Backplate – Black that costs some additional 34.95 EUR.
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  • 29 May 2014, 13:26
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