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ASMedia to Introduce USB 3.5 Controllers in 2014

ASMedia, an auspicious designer of PCIe bridges, USB 3.0 controllers and Switch IC items, announces the development of a new USB 3.5 controller. According to the preliminary information, this controller is going to support 10 Gb/sec data transfer speed, which is nearly twice higher than current USB 3.0. Earlier the launch of an advanced component was scheduled for late 2014, however, now the company is intended to officially introduce it early next year.

The decision to elaborate a speedier controller is explained by ASMedia in two ways. Firstly, the company is currently receiving more orders from motherboard manufacturers for the development of USB 3.0 hubs, due to the recent launch of Intel Haswell CPUs. Nonetheless, an enforcement of platform will sooner or later require an enforcement of various facilities, including connectivity and data transfer.

Secondly, USB 3.5 is called to rival Thunderbolt interface. It should be stressed that both interfaces feature analogous speed index of 10 Gb/sec. But Thunderbolt requires more power to achieve such showings, while USB 3.5 is going to be more power-efficient. Moreover, USB controllers will be cheaper than Thunderbolt, so they have more chances for a wide-spread occurrence, especially in SSDs.

To continue, as far as the launch of new products is a future perspective, ASMedia continues supplying USB 3.0 controllers to all interested parties. Hence, it is going to offer later this year a new ASM1153 item that combines USB 3.0 and SATA interfaces. Upon the whole, USB 3.0 controllers make up approximately 40% of overall company revenue.
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  • 13 June 2013, 18:04
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