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GeIL Officially Introduces Zenith S3 SSD Series

GeIL, which is known for its high-end memory modules, drives, and other PC components, is going to release a new SSD series, codenamed Zenith S3. The series will embrace three models of 60GB, 120GB and 240GB capacity. All of them will be developed in 2.5-inch form-factor and will employ SATA III 6Gb/sec interface. The differentiation between the models is seen not only in their capacities but also in their speed performance, the index of which will be uncovered below.

Zenith S3 line is based on MLC NAND flash-chips designed under 25 nm technological process. As for the speed characteristics, all models in the series prove to demonstrate the maximal performance on random Write operations (4KB) – up to 70000 IOPS. When touching upon sequential speeds, each model shows different indeces:
— GZ25S2L-60G: maximal sequential Read speed – 500MB/sec, maximal sequential Write speed – 480MB/sec (recommended price — $70);
— GZ25S3L-120G: maximal sequential Read speed – 560MB/sec, maximal sequential Write speed – 500MB/sec (recommended price — $120);
— GZ23S3L-240G: maximal sequential Read speed – 550MB/sec, maximal sequential Write speed – 500MB/sec (recommended price — $190).

New solid-state drives support TRIM instructions that immensely prolong the drives lifetime (average time of foolproof operation is two million hours); they also support DuraClass technology that combines a range of options to control NAND flash-memory, and DuraWrite technology that reduces algorithm efficiency level at 50% in a way the cell could write fewer bit than OS can transfer.

In addition, the nominal delivery kit contains a dedicated adapter that allows these drives to be installed into 3.5-inch bays. GeIL will supply its Zenith S3 with a 2-year limited warranty to ensure its reliability and efficiency.
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  • 20 December 2012, 14:47
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