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HIS Adds an Original Graphics Card to Its Inventory

The inventory of graphics solutions developed by HIS has been replenished with a new original in design card based on Radeon HD 7850 adapter. Entitled HIS Radeon HD 7850 iPower IceQ, the card is stuffed with a three-slot IceQ cooler and substantial memory volume that equals to 4GB. In addition, this model supports iTurbo applet that promotes for the GPU and memory clock frequencies increase.

Graphics card from HIS is based on a two-layer copper printed circuit board. The latter houses soldered DrMOS elements instead of conventional transistors. The integrated GPU is furnished with 1024 current processors. Its nominal clock frequency equals to 860MHz but can be dynamically boosted due to iTurbo technology. In its turn, iPower technology ensures stability and more voltage index for efficient overclocking process.

Memory subsystem is introduced by GDDR5 modules with 265-bit interface. The nominal memory clock frequency approximates 4800MHz. Power supply subsystem consists of two PCI Express Power 6-pin sockets and 8 power phases, five of which are ascribed to GPU.

Video interface panel counts a single CrossFireX slot and five various video outputs: a pair of mini-DisplayPort, SL DVI-D, HDMI, and DL DVI-D. IceQ cooler consists of four copper heat pipes of different thickness (8 mm and 6 mm), a set of aluminum plates, and a fan of turbine type with 57 mm diameter.
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  • 11 February 2013, 19:33
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