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Background illumination PaintPack - analogue Philips Ambilight on your monitor

You've probably seen the modern TVs with dynamic backlight called Ambilight, developed by Philips. The essence of its work is to highlight the space behind the TV in different combinations of colours, depending on the events happening on the screen.

PaintPack vs Ambilight

A new development called PaintPack is presented. This model is intended to implement the same idea as the technology of Ambilight, but allows to «light around» any computer monitor. A device called PaintPack is a simpler version in a small box with ten cable-trains, which have bright LEDs at the ends. These LEDs are placed evenly around the perimeter of the back of the monitor, and provide illumination in accordance with what is happening at the moment on the screen. The second more advanced equivalent of Ambilight – is light-line PaintPack with 30 LEDs connected in separate blocks for a few pieces for easy placement on the screen, and create a more vibrant and detailed lighting. This is many times lower than the price of TVs with Ambilight, and at the same time you buy a device that can be easily removed and connected to various monitors when necessary.

PaintPack — for novice and professionals

Using PaintPack module presents no difficulties, even for someone with minimal computer skills. It is enough to place the LEDs on the back of the monitor, connect the module to one of the USB-connector and install software, which comes in a package.

To fix the LED, manufacturer provides special care of the two-sided sticky tape. Program to control the backlight of the monitor is completely free to download. You can find detailed instructions about what and in what sequence should be done for correct installation and configuration of device. Thus, PaintPack module can be set up and configured by any newcomer, who at least once installed a program on his own, and knows the location USB-connector on computer.

Quick guide for installation and configuration of the module PaintPack

The module PaintPack provides a special application that is available for free download on the Website of the manufacturer. The program is updated periodically by adding new features to it.

Once the program is successfully established, you need to attach the device to the rear monitor, approximately in the centre. Then stick the LEDs, they can be arranged in any order or depending on the availability of free space. The main condition for placement of LEDs – it even distribution along the perimeter of the head and the location at a distance from the wall at 15-30 centimeters.

For most users software settings by default will be enough, which were originally put up by the manufacturer. If there is a need to do the fine tuning of the LEDs, then it needs to run the previously installed program. In the window, select the item with the settings on your monitor and see the capture region for different LEDs. Set each LED opportunity to shine a white light or display a different colour depending on what is happening on the screen. With simple removal of ticks LEDs can be disabled individually. The lights can be tested and user will enjoy watching movies or videos, playing games and other computer entertainment. Especially nice PaintPack shows its abilities in movies with such moments as explosions or dynamic car chases.

Backlight module is unique device in its kind. Even at many Chinese factories by producing electronic devices, such PaintPack is still unknown. Nevertheless, module PaintPack can be a nice gift for the advanced computer user.
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  • 19 July 2012, 13:20
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