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LEPA NEOIllusion Cooler – Bright Light Review

James Russell Lowell: "Light is the symbol of truth"

Nowadays backlighting is a very popular thing in the world of computers. You can already see it on motherboards, video cards, and even on RAM, and on CPU coolers and more. But if often manufacturers simply hang a fan with a backlight on the radiator, then LEPA went the other way, and in the new cooler of the company, NEOillusion, the heatsink itself is highlighted.
On the side faces of the radiator are installed LED strips, and, which is not quite usual, complete with a cooler is a remote control. Through the console, the colors, brightness and backlight modes are switched. And yes, the RGB backlight.
From a technical point of view, LEPA NEOillusion does not stand out as anything special. Four U-shaped heat pipes (6 mm diameter), technology of direct contact, and not big sizes, which ensures compatibility with most motherboards. It can dissipate 200 watts of heat.
And that the user was able to choose the color of the backlight to your liking, together with NEOllusion you will get a remote control. It allows you to directly select the color, as well as various lighting effects.
Is light the symbol of truth in this case? Let's consider main points of the newcomer. 

Main Specifications

Height - 6.36" (161.7mm)
Width - 4.96" (126mm)
Depth - 1.57" (40mm)
Base Height - N/A
Assy. Offset - 0.0" (centered)
Cooling Fans - (1) 120 x 25mm
Connectors - (1) 4-pin PWM
Weight - 22.75 oz (645g)
Intel Sockets - 775, 115x, 1366, 2011x
AMD Sockets - FM2(+), FM1, AM2(+), AM3(+), AM4
Warranty - Three Years
Thanks to the relatively compact design, the cooler provides excellent compatibility with other components, so problems during assembly are unlikely to arise. The box indicates that the NEOllusion cooler is compatible with all modern platforms. For the upcoming platform AM4 Lepa will offer a free upgrade kit.
The scope of delivery includes mounting accessories and user manual. Lepa also added a thermo-paste tube, a voltage adapter and a Molex power adapter.
A tower radiator only with the thickness of 4 cm is black. According to Lepa, SNTC (SuperNano Thermal Conductive) coating is used, which protects the radiator from oxidation. You can see the asymmetric design of the cooling fins.
The supplied fan does not seem to be able to be captured from the shelf, and it does not appear in the LEPA line. What we know about this valve is that it has a size of 120 mm and has a black frame and has nine double convex blades. This fan will rotate from 800 to 1800 rpm, if the built-in adapter is not used, where the speed varies from 400 to 1000 rpm. The maximum airflow from this fan is said to be 75.41 CFM, and the pressure also rises there at 2.41mmH2O. The fan is rated for power no more than 12 V, and the noise level with full power is 33 dB (A), although there is a 4-pin PWM connection that allows the motherboard and fan to perform their work. Also inside the box there is a remote control. The remote control gives you an opportunity of choosing among 15 colors.
You can put the light brighter or dim the lighting, turn on or off the LEDs, and turn on the four lighting modes. The adapter we mentioned to connect the fan is a 4-pin male to female adapter, and a Molex adapter for connecting the fan so that it runs at full speed all the time. We can only guess when we expect this cooler to fall in price, and we think that if you can get this cooler in the range of $40 to $60, you can feel like a winner.
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  • 06 April 2018, 09:27
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