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Zalman Unveils Nifty Z9 NEO Chassis

Zalman comes out with a new jaunty PC case – the Z9 NEO. The model is available in two paintwork variations (black and white) and is compatible with mini-iTX, micro-ATX as well as full-format ATX motherboards. The mid-tower chassis features 490x482x205 mm dimensions to fit any environment.

Zalman Z9 NEO is estimated for the installation of 7 expansion cards, a pair of 5.25-inch drives, 4x 3.5-/2.5-inch drives, and two solid-state 2.5-inch drives. The layout provides for the installation of 160-mm high CPU coolers, 420-mm long graphics cards, 220-mm long PSUs (ATX PS/2).

The model allows the user to incorporate an efficient cooling system. Hence, there is room for two front fans (120 mm), two top fans with LED backlit, and one rear fan. The other peculiarities of the chassis are as following:

— the employment of soundproof materials on the front panel;

— the integration of a side acrylic window;

— the availability of swappable air filters on the front …

PSU Enhance EPS-1780GA4 800W Review

EPS-1700 series consists of six PSU models of 600W-1200W power efficiency. All units, without exception, can boast the correspondence to 80Plus Gold standard and the usage of high-quality Japanese capacitors in their framework. The operating temperature range varies from 0 to 40 degrees, depending upon conditions. PSU model EPS-1780GA4 800W cannot boast unique design, but is totally ready to cope with all set tasks due to the implemented power, reliability and potential.

General Peculiarities

EPS-1780GA4 800W is delivered in a large cardbox realized in black and goldish colors. The latter is predominant on a package to comply with the demands of 80Plus Gold products. The model is characterized by a quite typical design with a black casing, a black fan, and a black ventilation grid. There are no arty-crafty elements or eye-catching add-ons, but it will definitely catch the fancy of minimalists and practical customers. All essential PSU parameters are indicated on a delivery …

The MasterAir MA620P CPU Cooler by Cooler Master Is Performed in the Shape of a Skyscraper

The Cooler Master Co. has announced the MasterAir MA620P CPU cooler, designed for powerful desktops, built on the base of AMD and Intel processing units.


The cooler has an extraordinary construction, being performed in the shape of a “skyscraper”. It possesses two aluminium heatsinks and two 120 mm MasterFan MF120R RGB fans. It is possible to install the third fan and, thus, enhance the forced-air cooling. Eventually propellers intersperse with heatsink assemblies to form the final framework.


The novelty features six copper heat pipes (6 mm in diameter), being directly connected to the CPU cover. The Continuous Direct Contact 2.0 (CDC 2.0) technology is applied, improving the efficiency of heat dissipation.


Fans’ rotary speed is PWM regulated in the range of 600–1800 rpm. The ultimate noise level equals 31 dBA, and the average time to failure declared is 160,000 hours. Propellers are equipped with RGB …

PC/AT Keyboard (84-Key) Driver Download

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Driver name PC/AT Keyboard (84-Key)
File name 418999_kdf555en.exe
Vendor Logitech
Driver type KEYBOARD
Size 1.1 Mb
Driver Date
Operating system
Upload 2018-02-16
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Logitech SurfMan/TrackMan Live! PS/2 *MSH0001
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Logitech SurfMan/TrackMan Live! Serial SERENUM\LGI8032
Logitech Wheel Mouse PS/2 (S48,C48) *PNP0F11
Logitech TrackMan Marble+ Serial *LGI8E08
PC/AT Keyboard (84-Key) SERENUM\LGI8051
DEC LK411-AJ Japanese Keyboard (ANSI) *LGI8003
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PC/AT 106 Japanese (A01) Keyboard (Ctrl+Caps Lock) SERENUM\LGI8005
Logitech TrackMan Marble FX PS/2 *LGI8050
Mouse Serial (M34,M35,C43) *PNP0304
Logitech First/Pilot Mouse Serial (M34,M35,C43) *LGI8001
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