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Monitor Viewsonic VX2770Smh-LED Review

In the pursuit for the state-of-the-art technological tendencies, a lot of manufacturers sometimes forget about the needs of their customers. Still, there are some companies, like Viewsonic, that never sacrifice the longing of their potential audience for convenience and performance, by delivering only high-quality and targeted products. Monitor VX2770Smh-LED from Viewsonic is one of such products that is intended specifically at PC users, satisfying their basic needs and even surpassing their expectations.

Design and Ergonomics

Viewsonic VX2770Smh-LED is a 27-inch monitor with 1920x1080 resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio. It is based on AH-IPS array and is equipped with W-LED power-saving backlight. Its design might be characterized as a symbiosis of a frameless display and a stand in the form of a leg – a brand Viewsonic development. The display casing is made of dull plastic, while its stand is all about glossy plastic. Cable-management system, as well as VESA bracket, …

Cryorig H7 Quad Lumi Cooling System Is a Modified Version of Cryorig H7 with a Higher Number of Heat Pipes and New Fans

Almost a year ago the Cryorig company announced H7 Quad Lumi, its new CPU cooling system; and at present this product is going to the market. This specialty is a modified version of Cryorig H7 cooling system, though, it is designed with a higher number of heat pipes and new fans.

H7 Quad Lumi is equipped with an RGB LED-lighting of the cooler base and logo on the heatsink cover. The NZXT CAM utility allows adjusting colour and operation mode of the backlighting, as well as regulating the fans rotary speed.

The Cryorig cooling system includes four nickel-plated copper heat pipes (6 mm in diameter), a nickelized copper base and an aluminium heatsink. Radiator fins are curved to form a cell structure. A 120 mm fan operates at the 300–1600 rpm and 10–25 dBA, producing the 49 CFM air flow. Please note, that the fan has the white LED-lighting.

According to the manufacturer, H7 Quad Lumi is compatible with all up-to-date Intel and AMD CPU connectors and processing units …

Basic Innovations of MySQL 5.6 Version

MySQL system gained the reputation as the most efficient and speedy tool in managing databases long time ago. This system enables the creation and management of huge quantity of data which are supported by the multilevel and multipurpose charts. Oracle Company (the owner of MySQL) is making great strides in the development and improvement of new version of the system.

Several days ago Oracle introduced the new working MySQL 5.6 version of the system which is still in the development stage. No one dares to assume about the exact date of the final version release, but it’s definitely clear that Oracle will not delay the launch. The working version of MySQL 5.6 is replenished with the variety of new integrated options which make the system more effective and user-friendly.

Nowadays there are a lot of companies that employ MySQL as their core tool in creating and supporting of middle-size and large-size projects. Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter utilize the very system in their …

Wifi devices, list of vendors

Here you can find a list of Wifi devices vendors and download necessary drivers straight away. With a view to find a required driver out of 654963 items in our database inventory, select an appropriate vendor of Wifi devices from the list of 25142 available in this section.

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Wi-Fi technology for wireless transmission of digital data according to specific radio channels with the goal of providing a network connection to high speed Internet. For its operation, this technology uses the standard IEEE 802.11, the specification of which can vary, depending on the equipment in which it is embedded. To establish communication between computer/phone/tablet and your wireless network download drivers for Wifi devices.

What Wi-Fi equipment today is used for wireless communications with the world wide web?

  1. Routers or routers. They connect directly to the modem and wired network due to the capabilities of the hardware "distribute" the Internet connected to all nearby devices with a Wi-Fi adapter. Thus, the routers provide mobility, since the user is not tied to a particular place, and can use the network in any other location in the range of radio frequencies.

  1. Adapters. Unlike mobile computers that were originally equipped Wi-Fi adapter, a desktop PC these devices do not have. Of course, they can be purchased and connected to the system via one of the available interfaces. For stable cooperation adapters with OS answer drivers for Wifi devices.

  1. Antenna. To wireless network at home power antenna built in to the router, is usually sufficient. But if you want to connect to the Internet users in large offices or meeting rooms built-in equipment is not enough. In such cases it is recommended to establish an Autonomous antenna, which will increase the coverage area of the wireless network and ensure its security.

  1. Of the access point. These devices are used to organize a new wireless network on an existing. They can work in one of three modes: access point, repeater (receive a weak signal from your existing network and transmit it to a new network with a significant increase) or bridge (unite physically remote elements of the network together). Like routers, access points support different versions of standards IEEE 802.11(a, b, g), and combinations thereof.

  1. Switches. These devices help to deploy a wireless network Wi-Fi regardless of the remoteness of the planned facilities. Switches are of two types. The first type allows the deployment of applications across the network, and the second creates a database of unique possibilities for data transfer.


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