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Philips Boasts the Slimmest 239C4QHWAB PC Monitor

MMD corporation has just introduced its newest PC monitor under Philips brand name. According to the manufacturer, the 239C4QHWAB is the world’s slimmest 23-inch model in the market: its depth does not exceed 12.5 mm. The display is made of 100% recyclable material and is peculiar by the support for Miracast interface. The latter secures immediate, wireless data transfer from the Android-based mobile device to the display.

The model is based on IPS panel with a power-efficient LED backlight. It features rather striking specifications:

— Full HD resolution (1920x1080);

— 20M:1 dynamic contrast, 1000:1 static contrast:

— 178/178 degrees viewing angles;

— 250 cd/m2 brightness;

— 5 ms response time;

— 16:9 aspect ratio.

The 239C4QHWAB is equipped with two stereo speakers (6 W overall power), 3.5 mm output for the headphones, VGA video output, and HDMI port with MHL support; the latter allows for the charge-in of mobile devices, connected via a …

HP Unveils Ergonomic DreamColor Z32x Monitor

HP comes out to the market with a new 31.5-inch monitor Z32x as a part of DreamColor series. The new-comer features 737x613.8x245.5 mm dimensions and is based on IPS panel. It is differentiated by extended options on profile settings and the availability of an ergonomic stand. HP promises to launch the display in June 2015.

HP DreamColor Z32x supports Ultra-HD 4K resolution (3840x2160) and offers the following specifications: 1000:1 static contrast index, 500.000:1 dynamic contrast index, 300 cd/m2 utmost brightness, 8 ms GtG response time, 178/178 degrees utmost viewing angles, 1.07 billion of displayed colors. The integration of a built-in server enables a comprehensive remote control over all key parameters via Ethernet channels.

This monitor is supposed to cover 100% of sRGB environment, 99% of DCI-P3 environment and 99.5% of AdobeRGB environment. It boasts the implementation of 10-bit color presentation and the possibility to select preset profiles (sRGB D65, Adobe …

Saluting XL2420Z: a New Gaming Monitor from BenQ

BenQ Corporation, a renowned Taiwanese developer of hi-end visual solutions, has just unveiled its newest gaming PC monitor. Entitled XL2420Z, this 24-inch item is crammed with advanced technologies, ensuring an unprecedented gaming experience. The new-comer is based on a common TN array, capable of embracing up to 72% of NTSC color model. The improvement of visual effects is ensured by LED backlit, whereas connectivity is supported by input connectors: 2x HDMI, 1x D-Sub, 1x DVI, 1x DP1.2, and audio jack.

BenQ XL2420Z panel features such specs: aspect ratio — 16:9, maximal resolution – Full HD 1920x1080, vertical refresh rate – 100/120/144 Hz, response time – 1 ms, typical brightness – 300 nits, viewing angles – 170/160 degrees, contrast static/dynamic – 1000:1/12M:1, amount of displayed colors – 16.7 m. The model is peculiar by an advanced stand with red elements. Along with the standard adjustments (the alteration of height, tilt and pitch angle), the user …

Wifi devices, list of vendors

Here you can find a list of Wifi devices vendors and download necessary drivers straight away. With a view to find a required driver out of 654963 items in our database inventory, select an appropriate vendor of Wifi devices from the list of 25142 available in this section.

DevID : : Wifi devices

Wi-Fi technology for wireless transmission of digital data according to specific radio channels with the goal of providing a network connection to high speed Internet. For its operation, this technology uses the standard IEEE 802.11, the specification of which can vary, depending on the equipment in which it is embedded. To establish communication between computer/phone/tablet and your wireless network download drivers for Wifi devices.

What Wi-Fi equipment today is used for wireless communications with the world wide web?

  1. Routers or routers. They connect directly to the modem and wired network due to the capabilities of the hardware "distribute" the Internet connected to all nearby devices with a Wi-Fi adapter. Thus, the routers provide mobility, since the user is not tied to a particular place, and can use the network in any other location in the range of radio frequencies.

  1. Adapters. Unlike mobile computers that were originally equipped Wi-Fi adapter, a desktop PC these devices do not have. Of course, they can be purchased and connected to the system via one of the available interfaces. For stable cooperation adapters with OS answer drivers for Wifi devices.

  1. Antenna. To wireless network at home power antenna built in to the router, is usually sufficient. But if you want to connect to the Internet users in large offices or meeting rooms built-in equipment is not enough. In such cases it is recommended to establish an Autonomous antenna, which will increase the coverage area of the wireless network and ensure its security.

  1. Of the access point. These devices are used to organize a new wireless network on an existing. They can work in one of three modes: access point, repeater (receive a weak signal from your existing network and transmit it to a new network with a significant increase) or bridge (unite physically remote elements of the network together). Like routers, access points support different versions of standards IEEE 802.11(a, b, g), and combinations thereof.

  1. Switches. These devices help to deploy a wireless network Wi-Fi regardless of the remoteness of the planned facilities. Switches are of two types. The first type allows the deployment of applications across the network, and the second creates a database of unique possibilities for data transfer.


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