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ECS NM70-I Motherboard: Pioneer in Its Class

ECS decided to tackle the problem of sameness, developing a new motherboard on the basis of Intel NM70 Express chips. The implementation exactly of these chips makes the board a pioneer in its product class. ECS NM70-I is designed in mini-ITX form factor and houses Intel Celeron 847/807 CPU. The latter consumes only 17W of power to add the board power-efficient properties. Such approach to layout secures a harmonious balance between performance parameters and price ranges, and is an ideal match for compact PC systems.

Irrespective of the initial motherboard's compact dimensions, the manufacturer stipulated expansion opportunities if the user finds such a need in future employment. The availability of 1x PCI Express slot x16, SATA 3Gb/sec and 6Gb/sec sockets promote for the unimpeded upgrade of video system and data storage devices. ECS NM70-I facilities allow the customer to play back high-contrast HD and Blue-Ray multimedia content. Moreover, ECS equips its board with two additional consecutive COM ports for industrial-purpose utilization.

It should be mentioned that NM70-I is delivered along with a package of dedicated software which includes a range of useful applets. The list of software items includes Cyberlink Media Suite, Norton Anti-Virus, Muzee, while the set of applets is introduced by brand ECS iEZ developments (eDLU Drivers Live Update Utility, eSF Smart Fan Utility, eBLU BIOS Live Update Utility).

The new motherboard from ECS totally supports Windows 8 platform, offering a wide spectrum of updated options and newly developed facilities. In addition, NM70-I is furnished with Intelligent Power Management technology that enables the computing functions of the system only when they are required; on other conditions, those functions remain disabled. This dramatically cuts the power consumption.
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  • 24 October 2012, 18:34
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