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EK Introduces Water Blocks of SR-X and FC7970 Series

EK Water Blocks, a Slovenian company that won a good reputation due to manufacturing of water cooling systems, has gladdened the Internet community by the release of two new products: water blocks EK-FC7970 and EK-FB Kit SR-X. The two models are intended for the implementation in premium-class motherboards Evga Classified SR-X and graphics cards MSI R7970 Lightning.

Water block EK-FC7970 covers the whole surface of the graphics card circuit board; water current passes over GPU, voltage controllers and memory microchips. This model is delivered in a single variant with nickel-plated base and silver-black lid from acetal resin. The nominal delivery set includes EK-FC Link bridge that empowers the creation of CrossFireX configuration in the implementation of four graphics cards.

To continue, water block EK-FB Kit SR-X is a complex solution that provides coverage for all essential components of Evga Classified SR-X motherboard. Thus, it covers Intel C606 chip, microscheme-bridge PLX PEX8784 and power subsystem components for both CPU nodes. This model is delivered in two variants: with the implementation of a transparent acrylic lid and of a dark lid from acetal resin.

Pricing details are already published at the official site of the company. According to the highlighted prognosis, the price range for both products will fluctuate within the measures of €115 up to €135.
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  • 04 August 2012, 15:15
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