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Enermax Equilence, a Low-Noise PC Framework, Obtained Sound-Insulated Panels and a Tempered Glass Window

The Taiwan Enermax vendor replenishes its product offering with a Mid-Tower Equilence chassis, which has made its first appearance in the frame of the Computex 2017 exhibition.

The novelty is intended for ATX mother cards installing and for low-noise systems assembling. It got a 4 mm tempered glass side, making all inner components clearly visible, and three (front, upper and side) panels, provided with dense sound insulating foam.

The Equilence PC Case can hold seven expansion cards of the up to 420 mm length, an ATX-compatible power supply, a couple of 3.5” and four 2.5” drives. Высота процессорной системы охлаждения не должна превышать 175 мм.

This specialty affords flexibility concerning air and liquid cooling systems mounting. Thus, one can install up to nine 120 mm fans, as well as heat sinks of the 360, 280, 240, 140 and 120 mm form factor. The CPU cooler ultimate height equals 175 mm. Coonectivity options are ensured by USB 3.0 (x2), USB 2.0 (x2) ports and a pair of 3.5 mm audio jacks.

The specialty is designed with the 500 х 235 х 510 dimensions and the 9.8 kg weight. In most parts it is produced out of the SPCC steel. At present Enermax Technology Corporation estimates its latest chassis to cost around €110 at the Asian market. Enermax Equilence will also hit European shelves soon at the approximate $100 price.
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  • 25 September 2017, 10:08
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