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CPU Cooler Thermalright Silver Arrow SB-E Review

Each new product developed by Thermalright gains particular attention from the part of professionals and average customers. This is explained by the fact that the company tried its hardest to reach the top of cooling systems segment. Indeed, some of its coolers continue leadership in the most efficient coolers ranking of all ages. Hence, the release of a new CPU cooler, codenamed Silver Arrow SB-E, could not but draw attention of the community. This is a follower of Silver Arrow model, thought with perceptible improvements. SB-E marking signifies that the model has been designed specifically for Sandy Bridge-E processors, so it can be attributed to the highly-specialized models.

Basic Peculiarities

Thermalright Silver Arrow SB-E is a two-section radiator with two fans which take up to a half of the motherboard spacing. Its dimensions equal to 164x155x104 mm. It is delivered in a card box with fans, radiators and accessories managed in different packages. The nominal delivery set boasts a universal brand fixing system that contains three planar details: mounting frames, clamp plate and a crosspiece. All those details are fixed with the help of screws and studs. Such fixture facilitates the layout and ensures the sufficient clipping.

The delivery kit also embraces a detailed user manual, washer kit, screwer, rubbered angle bars with vibration-proof characteristics, a plastic strip for the crosspiece, and fans adapter. The latter is used for the connection of two fans to a single sockets on the motherboard; it allows the customer to enable PWM rotational speed adjustment of those fans by means of connection to the four-pin socket. In addition, Thermalright delivers a high-quality thermal matter, Chill Factor III, that permits the cooler to cut two-three degrees at a time.


Silver Arrow SB-E is distinguished by the mirror-like surface and quite unusual plate shape. The model has got eight heat pipes (6 mm each); just for comparison, its predecessor had only four of them. Such framework approach has been implemented to comply with the Sandy Bridge-E configuration that accommodates a solid heat-distributive lid and large area of CPU crystal. Heat pipes are laid between two large plates and are fixed by a solder.

The other framework peculiarity is the localization of edges. They are located in tier-like mode, starting from the narrow edges which get in contact only with four heat pipes, middle-size edges that contact with six heat pipes, and finishing with the main block of edges that gets in contact with all heat pipes. It is practically impossible to measure the overall dispersion zone due to the complicated profile. Moreover, the shape of edges is 'three-dimensional' where the plates' edges are turned back in different directions.


CPU cooler Thermalright Silver Arrow SB-E is delivered with two integrated fans. One of the fans (TR TY-150) is differentiated by the improved performance and rather solid dimensions – 150 mm. The other 140 mm fan is considered to be unusual due to a new technological approach applied in its development (TR TY-141).

The larger fan is installed between the two sections and achieves 500-1100 rpm. At the same time, noise level does not exceed 21 dB. 140 mm fan is able to demonstrate up to 900-1300 rpm. The maximal power consumption reaches 2.4W (0.2A, 12V). There is a possibility for the user to install an additional fan. Both fans are designed in a unified style and equipped with 4-pin power sockets. They are similar in the shape of impellers and the level of produced noise.


The installation of the CPU cooler from Thermalright starts from the preparation of the dedicated crosspiece. Once after the crosspiece is adjusted, it can be laid under the motherboard in a way the screws become visible on the front side of the textolite. Then, the user needs to apply two-sided screws to fix the mounting frame. Further on, it's necessary to put a clamp plate with two holes for screws to the base.

It should be stated that Silver Arrow SB-E can be installed twofold: lengthwise and crosswise the socket. One of the most attractive peculiarity is that the installation of two fans does not prevent the user from employment of DDR3 planks with high fin combs. This is due to the fact that fans do not cover the slots for RAM modules.
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  • 10 August 2012, 16:07
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