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Maxthon 3.0. Browser Review

The search for the needed information and work with various online data is currently facilitated due to the availability of various browsers. In the majority of cases, Internet users give preference to the most popular browsers, such as Opera, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, IE, which proved to be multifunctional and user-friendly at the same time. This is a verity that cannot be argued, though IT market is full of alternative browsers which show good functional characteristics but are less-recognizable by the Internet community. Maxthon, which appeared in the market more than 10 years ago and is prognosticated to gain popularity in the nearest future, can be ascribed to such browsers.

General Peculiarities of Maxthon 3.0.

Maxthon developers intended to combine all efficient features from the most popular browsers and integrate them into their product. Moreover, some of the features were supposed to exceed those of the global browsers. Maxthon 3.0. browser is based on the modified code of Chromium platform which is notable for its speed and performance characteristics. Thereby, Maxthon 3.0. is considered to be one of the most speedy browsers in the market. The abundance of add-ons secures the browser’s functionality and approximates Opera in the quantity of add-ons. It should be mentioned that 3.0. version entered the market two years ago, and since that time, it has outlived several major and minor updates. The latest update resulted in 3.3.8. version operated in the market.


The basic tendencies of the past few years witnessed about the assimilation of the main browser interfaces. Thus, Maxthon 3.0. has combined all chief features pertained to Chrome and Opera browsers and got its own interface. Maxthon took the tabs localization from Chrome and placed them in the window header; at the same time, the status line and sidebar panel resemble the interface structure in Opera. Of course, some adoptions have been made, although Maxthon 3.0. is given a note of uniqueness. This uniqueness is reached through the perfection of interface elements and their skillful adaptation.

Maxthon 3.0. Basic Facilities

Maxthon 3.0. facilities count dozens of advanced options and a range of innovations which are called to ensure the maximal functionality and handiness of the browser. Those facilities can be listed as follows:

— advanced page navigation and accelerated instruction execution by means of gesture support;
— Super Drag&Drop supplementary option enables the opening of new tabs or documents in the new window without the employment of context menu. This option was developed particularly for laptop owners who used to work without a mouse. The user just needs to drag the specified components at several pixels to open a new tab;
— Reader Mode option activates such reading mode which highlights only text data and images pertained to that data; all other information is screened. This dramatically facilitates reading and work with text information;
— Multi Search option empowers the utilization of several search engines simultaneously. All relevant results will be displayed on a single page;
— AD Hunter option automatically realizes the blocking of pop-up windows and advertisements. In addition, the user is able to add any element on a page to the blacklist so that it doesn’t appear on a site during all upcoming visits;
— the browser has integrated options on screenshots creation and home editing;
— Night Mode automatically adjusts the background of the viewed page and makes it more tinted during the hours of darkness. Such mode is called to reduce the tension inflicted to the eyesight;
— Download Manager option is already integrated into the browser. It allows making a pause and continuation of download without the employment of dedicated add-ons;
— Resource Sniffer is considered to be a rather convenient option for the search and ranging of media files. Resource Sniffer scans the web pages to detect media files on them, then ranges the files according to their type (audio, video) and then allows the package data download;
— Auto Refresh option enables the automatic update of pages within the specified period of time;
— Zoom option is probably known to any user and skillfully implemented in Maxthon 3.0. It allows changing the pages’ scale due to the employment of a scroll box;
— Mute Control option deactivates the sounding on any page.

Mobile Version

Maxthon 3.0. has been developed for mobile phones and various tablets as well. High speed of performance and display of pages are regarded to be the main advantage of this browser. It is said that mobile version of Maxthon exceeds other mobile browsers in speed showings.
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  • 28 May 2012, 15:30
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