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PSU Fractal Design Newton R3 600W Review

Fractal Design plunged into PSU market comparatively not so long ago, and nowadays its product line counts only three PSU series, naming Tesla R2, Integra R2 and Newton R3. The latter consists of three models and is supposed to belong to the top-segment of products. The entry-level model in this series, codenamed Fractal Design Newton R3 600W, is estimated for the maximal output power of 600W (as suggested by the codename), produced via +12VDC rail. Generally, this power supply unit has got 80Plus Platinum certificate due to high level of efficiency. Let’s see what other privileges this product might offer.

Basic Peculiarities

PSU Newton R3 600W features 150x86x165 mm dimensions (w/h/d) and goes in two color variations: black and white. The case itself has got matte coating that prevents visible fingerprints or stains. Some facet edges are skewed a bit to add elegance to the design. The model complies with EPS 2.92/ATX 2.31 standards and is estimated for one hundred thousand hours of foolproof operation (at maximal loading). The manufacturer adds a 5-year’s limited warranty to the nominal delivery set.

All key specifications are traditionally indicated at the unit’s case. The maximal power index on +12VDC rail equals to 600W (50A). The correlation between the power on +12VDC rail and general power index achieves 1.0; this is the maximal result for such type of PSUs.

Power Cables

Fractal Design Newton R3 600W employs modular cable system that is used to connect wires with connectors for providing power supply to all key internal components. Such framework approach permits the customer to detach all unused wires and get more spacing within the case. The number of connectors and their localization on wires is thought to be optimal. The length of wires is sufficient for smooth incorporation within full-tower PC chassis (with top or bottom PSU bay). This makes this model a universal solution practically for all contemporary PC cases.

The overall number of sockets and connectors on them is listed below:
— 24-pin Main Power socket features a single demountable connector;
— 15-pin SATA socket features nine connectors located on three wires;
— 8-pin SSI Processor socket features one demountable connector;
— 8-pin PCI Express 2.0 VGA Power socket features four demountable connectors;
— 6-pin PCI Express 1.0 VGA Power socket;
— 4-pin 12V Power socket without connectors;
— 4-pin Peripheral socket with four connectors;
— 4-pin Floppy Drive socket features two connectors.

Cooling System

This power supply unit is equipped with a single 120 mm ball-bearing fan with a brand Fractal Design labeling. It should be noted that this fan is capable to operate in semi-passive mode. The unit, as well as its internal components, generates not so much heat, so it can go without a powerful active-cooling system. The integration of thermal sensors enables the start of the fan only when it’s required. All basic semiconductor elements are installed on two middle-sized heatsinks. Independent converters of +3.3VDC and +5VDC channels are located on a separate board that doesn’t have supplementary heat removal.


Testing results prove that Newton R3 600W might achieve 90% efficiency within the ranges of 100W and 600W. The maximal recorded efficiency index equals to 93.2% at 300W power load. At the same time, performance factor drops to 88% at 50W load, and to 83% at 30W load. Those are quite acceptable showings for entry-level PSUs.

Customer Appeal

Assessment of customer appeal pertained to this PSU model can’t be described by a single sentence, since it might be viewed through the prism of both, advantages and disadvantages. One the one hand, Newton R3 600W is able to offer perfect electrical facilities, ample set of connectors, and power-efficient framework. On the other hand, this unit can’t boast a satisfactory acoustic ergonomics, due to high noise levels on various loading scenarios. Taking into account all pros and cons, one may suggest that this PSU will perfectly manifest its privileges in high-performance systems with a powerful video subsystem. Nonetheless, on such conditions the customer should accept an incomplete acoustic ergonomics as a fact.
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  • 26 April 2013, 16:58
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