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Review of Android-Smartphone Highscreen Yummy Duo

The majority of smartphone developers resort to the unexpected design, functional and accessories solutions when it goes about rivalry and pursuit for the customers and recognition. Highscreen company tries to maintain its reputation and to exceed the competitors by introducing innovative smartphone solutions, among which is Android-communicator Highscreen Yummy Duo. This device enables the work with 2 SIM-cards simultaneously, and this fact allowed the smartphone to enter the line of top products and represent the highly-promising niche in the market.

Design and Controls Localization

Smartphone Highscreen Yummy Duo is of large-scale dimensions that can’t but strike the customers’ eyes. Its dimensions are conditioned by the availability of a large screen of 4.3 inches which takes nearly the entire faceplate of the casing. This smartphone is not distinguished by the thickness of casing despite the possibility to integrate 2 SIM cards; in fact, the casing thickness does not exceed 10.5 mm. Such physical characteristic adds convenience in usage. The casing is made of black plastic with the soft-touch effect and has a streamline surface. Slots for SIM cards are situated under the flat cover. Such localization might raise some discomfort if the frequency of cards change is heightened.

The screen, as well as the faceplate, is covered by the protective glass which serves the shield from the damages. Front-end camera, sensor controls and sensing elements can be found under the protective glass. All other controls are localized according to the standard specifications, on the side faces. Power button is situated on the right-side face, while the blocking button and volume settings buttons can be found on the left-side face. Micro-USB socket and audio output socket (3.5 mm) got their positions on the top face.

The nominal delivery set is produced according to the general standards. The user will receive a protective glass for the faceplate, universal charging unit with USB output, USB and Micro-USB cables to be connected with PC, wired typeface with headphones. The only accessory that can’t be found in the delivery set is the smartphone cover.

Technical Peculiarities

Smartphone Highscreen Yummy Duo operates on the basis of MT6573 from MediaTek manufacturer with the central mononuclear ARM11 processor which reaches the frequency of 650 MHz. This device works on the Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread platform with the standard interface. Smartphone manufacturers decided not to interfere with the Android interface and made changes only in the telephone options sector. RAM volume equals to 512 Mb while the flash memory – to 200 Mb. This model is equipped with the electronic compass, as well as with lighting and proximity sensors.

SIM Cards Operation and Telephone Options

Stability of network signal is one of the major advantages of Highscreen Yummy Duo. Moreover, the device is able to catch the signal even on adverse conditions or poor backing, and restores it much faster after loss. No matter where the customer uses the smartphone, he may be sure to receive qualitative network signal. Radio module is capable to catch the signal as outdoors so indoors (in buildings, in the underground, etc.).

Despite the fact that Highscreen Yummy Duo is equipped with only 1 radio module, it is still able to ensure the operability of 2 SIM cards. Both cards are found in standby mode and are accessible for utilization all day round. When the user selects one of the cards to make a call or write a message, the other card becomes inaccessible. Once the work with this card is over, the other card restores its operability. The interface of Android OS allows the selection of the needed SIM card without any hassles. When the user is intended to write a message or dial the phone number, the interface will display a notification with the necessity to choose one of the available cards. Settings menu realizes the monitoring function and enables the SIM cards control.

Screen, Sound and Camera Specifications

1. Screen. The touchscreen embedded into Highscreen Yummy Duo is developed under TN format with TFT matrix. Such specifications witness about the insufficient image quality, particularly if considering the products of the top line. Display viewing angles are not big, and contrasting leaves much to be desired as well. In some cases, one can observe the image granularity. Display intensity doesn’t arouse any hesitation and is able to satisfy the user requirements even if the rate of intensity is half-lowered. Multi-touch option ensures that the device responded instantly at a touch.
2. Sound. External loudspeaker is noted for accurate and loud sounding. The sounding is void of low frequency, and not infrequently this triggers the appearance of inconveniences on prolonged listening. Acoustic loudspeaker produces pure and accurate sounding. In addition, the smartphone is able to execute the standard option of FM-radio when the typeface is on.

3. Camera. As it was mentioned above, Highscreen Yummy Duo is based on MT6573 platform which supports the work with 8 Mp matrix. Camera settings, however, allow selecting the configuration with 5 Mp matrix. The quality of pictures is not always satisfactory since the device relays the color saturation inappropriately. User-friendly settings interface is considered to be the main privilege of the camera. All the settings are displayed directly on the screen and go in semitransparent shape; at the same time, the number of settings can compete with the number professional cameras have.
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  • 30 May 2012, 18:07
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