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Jonsbo Introduces the CR-601 RGB Tower-Type Processor Cooler

Jonsbo, the Chinese PC cases and cooling systems vendor, is going to delight customers with its new product soon. What is meant here is a tower-type CPU cooler under the CR-601 RGB code name.

As the name tells us, the novelty has the 256-color RGB LED-backlighting. Its construction features an aluminum base, an array of aluminum fins, four 6 mm thick copper heat tubes, ensuring direct contact with the CPU cover, and a 120 mm fan.

The fan, supporting the PWM function, rotates in the range of 800–1,500 RPM, producing noise of around 17.5–31.2 dBA. The specialty can endure thermal loads of up to 130 W.

Jonsbo CR-601 RGB, weighing 650 g, is 122 mm long, 75 mm wide and 158 mm high. It’s compatible with Intel LGA775, LGA115x, AMD AM2(+), AM3(+), AM4, FM1 and FM2(+) processor platforms. The manufacturer didn't speak a word about pricing.

Evga to Launch a Powerful PSU SuperNova 1000 G2

Evga, a celebrated American developer of varied PC components for enthusiasts, is going to launch its new power supply unit targeting rather demanding consumers. Entitled Evga Supernova 1000 G2, this model is differentiated by 1000W power and not less than 90% efficiency on typical loading. Such outstanding characteristics permitted the PSU to gain 80Plus Gold certificate that testifies its brilliant specifications.

This PSU model is equipped with all prime-quality Japanese capacitors with solid-state electrolyte, as well as with a vertical two-layer main converter. In addition, there is an advanced protection system on board that saves the unit from various uncommon conditions (overheating, overvoltage, short circuit, voltage drops).

To continue, Supernova 1000 G2 may boast the availability of modular cable system. Herein, the cables feature quite an unusual design that facilitates the airflow within the chassis. The system consists of a single 24-contact ATX cable, a …

ASRock X299 Taichi Review

ASRock X299 Taichi is probably one of the best choices for those who are looking for a technologically strong and visually pleasant motherboard. It is easy in both installation and usage. With this motherboard you get not only smart and attractive design, but a safe option, which pretends your device from overheat. Lots of words can be said about ASROCK X299 Taichi, but the only way to convince you is to present you all the advantages.

Packaging and Appearance

The very second you look at the ASRock X299 Taichi box, you already know that something special is waiting for you inside. The box itself has nothing to do with usual carton sets you’ve seen before. The new design of it makes its content more protected from any kind of damages.

Unboxing this motherboard reminds me my childhood, when I had to unpack a present with a number of colorful paper. To get your new device out of the box you are to rіp оff the оutеr shеll, flіp оpеn thе tоp tо thе innеr …

System devices, tootjate nimekirja

Sellelt lehelt leiad nimekirja tootjate System devices, autojuht, mille saab alla laadida meie kodulehelt. Parema otsingu sobiva draiveri 12047482-saadaval meie andmebaasis valige tootja oma System devices 88 esitatakse käesolevas paragrahvis.

DevID : : System devices

Süsteemi plokk koosneb paljudest riistvara, mis tagavad, et arvuti tööd. Mõned seadmed on интегральными, on kriitiliselt oluline, et toimiva ARVUTI ja teised täidavad toetavat rolli, avardavad süsteemi. Vaatamata eri otstarve, kõik komponendid кооперируют omavahel ja OS tänu драйверам süsteemi seadmed.

Kuni kumulatiivse seadmetega läbi emaplaadi ja on määratud tema elektroonilised lülitused (CPU, RAM, ROM, vahemälu, kontrollerid, mille seadmed graafikakaardid), winchester ja säilitamise süsteemi, toiteplokk. Nimekiri abiseadmete täieneb peaaegu iga päev, kuna uute девайсов, mis hõlbustavad tööd ARVUTIGA ja täita igapäevaseid ülesandeid.

Sellisele riistvarale võib liigitada:

  • "vananenud" kettaseadmed CD-RW, DVD-RW, DVD-ROM, mida veel toovad kasu paljudele юзерам;
  • sisemised ja välised modemid;
  • helikaart;
  • adapterid;
  • PCI sillad;
  • esiotsa kontrollerid;
  • klahvid ja nupud eripära;
  • dokk;
  • rehvid traadita ühendus;
  • seadme virtuaalse masinaid;
  • jaoturid USB.

See ei ole kaugeltki täielik loetelu komponentidest, millega on võimalik varustada ARVUTI. Tõhusa töö teatud tüüpi seadmed on vaja alla laadida draiverid süsteemi seadmete all installitud versiooni OS.

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