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Cooler Master MasterAir MA410P and MA610P – Review of Cooling Sturdies


The assortment of processor cooling systems from Cooler Master has been replenished with models MasterAir MA610P RGB and MA410P RGB, made in the form of traditional cooling towers. Both coolers use the technology of direct contact of heat pipes with the CPU cover, and their differences are in the design of the radiator and the number of supplied fans.

Do you often see cooling devices which can boast both of classy design and high-quality performance? In the majority the producers pay more attention to one of the foresaid features.

Newcomers use RGB – lightning that is usually go with four-pin RGB-capable motherboards to provide quiet operation while allowing a variety of 16.7 million colors and no softaware is needed. The company declared the compatibility with ASUS AURA Sync, GIGABYTE RGB Fusion and MSI Mystic Light Sync systems.

Here you can see the specifications of more powerful model MA610P RGB:

Dimensions (HxWxD) - 6.5 x 5 x 2.4"

Base …

Meet New AE222/G and AE201 AIO Solutions from MSI

MSI has enlarged its inventory of all-in-one PCs with a pair of new models – the AE201 and the AE222/G. Both greenhorns are based on the advanced Intel Core i3/i5 4th gen processors and are thought to support the latest Windows 8.1 platform version. The first model, AE201, features 20-inch display with Full HD resolution (1920x1080). Official press-release does not give a hint about detailed specifications, though it mentions that this model supports Flicker-Free and Less-Blue Light technologies.

Nonetheless, the larger part of the presentation is devoted to the AE222/G AIO PC. This model features 21.5-inch Full HD display and supports the above mentioned technologies, as well as optional sensor facilities. All functional possibilities are relied on Intel H81 Express chipset. The product will come in two variations: either with Intel Core i3-4130 CPU, running at 3.4 GHz, or with Core i5-4440s. The latter boasts overclocking abilities, demonstrating 2.8 GHz nominal and 3.3 GHz …

Asus Teases Its First Gaming Micro-ATX B85M-Gamer Mainboard

Featuring 233x206 mm dimensions, a new micro-ATX mainboard from Asus, codenamed B85M-Gamer, boasts a full range of options which would come in handy to loyal gamers. Along with rich facilities, the customers will be pleased to see an affordable price label. These two peculiarities drew huge attention, since the combination of small-sized form-factor with high-end specs and alluring price has never before stricken the market.

Asus B85M-Gamer is based on Intel B85 chipset, ready to accommodate Socket LGA1150-compatible CPUs (Core, Celeron, Pentium families). The PCB houses a powerful 4-phase digital power supply subsystem with the support for DIGI+ VRM technology. DDR3-1600 MHz memory modules of 32 GB capacity maximum might be installed into four DIMM slots.

Storage subsystem is introduced by six SATA ports, four of which support 6 Gb/sec standard. Video facilities might be implemented twofold: either as an integrated GPU into the CPU or as a single graphics adapter with PCI …
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