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Samsung Showcases Two New Monitors of 7 Series at CES 2013

Samsung Electronics has unveiled a couple of new high-quality monitors within the boundaries of CES 2013. The two products, Samsung SC770 Touch and Samsung SC750, belong to 7 Series and promise to ensure the utmost display quality and experience. Their predestination isn't limited by a single targeted group only, but expands to all customer groups (professional and entry-level). As said by the manufacturer, this couple will be released later this quarter.

The first of the two monitors, model Samsung SC770 Touch, is totally optimized for the newest Windows 8 platform. It is equipped with a touch-sensitive screen that supports up to ten simultaneous touches and allows rotating and moving the object on the display by means of fingers only. It's housed in an ultra-thin ergonomic frame that secures wide viewing angles and provides for the best consumer experience on viewing multimedia content. This monitor features a stylish stand of cylindric shape; this way, the customer is able to place the display at eye level without any supplementary fixtures.

To continue, SC770 Touch is easily adjustable to the users' personal needs. Thus, the display can be leaned at 60 degrees for the maximal comfort while working at it. It's also feasible to rotate it at 90 degrees and change its viewing mode from horizontal to vertical to receive the utmost effect from browsing. This way, the model is regarded to be appropriate for web-surfing and file management.

The second monitor, Samsung SC750, boasts an elegant and ergonomic design. Moreover, it is characterized by the unbelievable display quality; this is achieved thanks to the increased static contrast that equals to 5000:1. This is five times better than other standard monitors show, so all objects on the screen are absolutely accurate, bright and qualitative.
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  • 09 January 2013, 16:29
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