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Iomega Features Single-Disk Network System EZ Media & Backup Center

Iomega, a renowned manufacturer of networking and external storage hardware, has announced the release of its new single-disk storage network system. Codenamed Iomega EZ Media & Backup Center, this storage system will create a solid base for the advanced management of all available files. Each customer will receive access to photos, video and other files from any computer connected to the home network, and further on, share this content with other customers due to the perfected Iomega Personal Cloud technology.

Iomega Personal Cloud goes along with the storage system and can be used as a security tool. This technology allows the user not only to get remote access to the needed files from every quarter, but also protect all digital content from unauthorized breaches. This is called to ensure that all the operations with the available information (browsing, editing or sharing) is accomplished according to the most updated security measures. The most encouraging news is that the customer won't be obliged to pay for such service as it's a free benefit.

EZ Media & Backup Center goes in three volume capacity configurations: 1 TB, 2 TB, and 3 TB. This storage network system employs three-stage settings procedure (without CD employment), and is equipped with the integrated iTunes Server and UPnP AV Media Server (compatible with DLNA). This promotes for the advanced connectivity with various digital multimedia adapters, such as game consoles, digital frames and TV-sets with network cable.

Iomega Active Folders option is destined to facilitate the unimpeded distribution of the content; thus, the customer will be able to automatically place videos, images and other content on their pages in social networks. In addition, this option empowers the creation of personalized slide-shows. Apple users might rejoice with the support of Time Machine. Moreover, Iomega EZ Media & Backup Center boasts the support of torrents which facilitates the download of huge multimedia files without PC employment.
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  • 09 July 2012, 17:57
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