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UPS PowerCom Phantom PTM 600AP Review

The importance of uninterruptible power supply units in home and corporate systems can't be overestimated. Those units save PCs and other devices from malfunctions and total failure in case of voltage fluctuations or sudden disappearance. In this light, many prudent users tend to acquiring UPS with the aim to protect their hard-earned platforms from breakdown. PowerCom is known to deliver high-end UPS units which can be employed as in standard home systems, so in large corporate ones, where the danger of sudden voltage variations is great. Its latest product Phantom PTM 600AP is able to ensure total reliability in the most unexpected conditions.

General Peculiarities

UPS PowerCom Phantom PTM 600AP features tower-like thin casing without any extraordinary solutions. The central part of the clipboard contains a single Startup button that is lighted by blue LED. The rear board houses three standard earthing-pins for the connection of various PC components and peripherals, sockets for the security of network equipment, and automatic circuit breaker. The model belongs to the rank of line-interactive units with the built-in AVR regulator that does not involve battery power supply on conditions of voltage deviations. In addition, it keeps the output voltage index within the standard ranges.

PowerCom claims the following specifications of Phantom PTM 600AP unit:
— voltage: input – 140-300V at 50-60 Hz, output – 220V;
— efficiency: claimed output – 600V A 360W, output active – 410W;
— battery life from standard PC: 13 minutes (standard configuration with 17-inch display);
— sound alarm: program disabling, different modes (startup, low battery charge, overloading, battery mode operation);
— data line protection: a couple of RJ-45 pins, network security 10, 100, 1000 Base-T Ethernet;
— employed interface: USB;
— noise: not more than 40 dB.


Internal layout is characterized by a minimal amount of electronic components. This UPS employs passive cooling system where power transistors are screwed to a couple of heatsinks. This speaks of practically noiseless operation in passive mode, on AVR scheme activation, when running on batteries, and on recharge or batteries. Inverter is based on four transistors from Unisonic (UTC UT108N03L). Switching between AVR regulator ranges is a responsibility of a mechanical relay stipulated for the maximal 7A.

The battery change requires the removal of the rear board and division of the casing into two parts: the upper part contains all major electronics, while the lower part – the battery itself and a transformer. Phantom PTM 600AP is equipped with NPW36-12 battery of 7A/h capacity.

Interface and Software

This UPS is compatible with Smart Battery standard. Control and monitoring functions are realized via UPSMon Plus software package. All basic parameters are displayed on the main program window; thus, the user will be able to see AVR operational mode, battery charge level, and input/output frequencies. There are also options of logging, of distant monitoring, and of checking the battery charge after the quick charge at peak current. The battery is charged up to 90% for at least 10 minutes, and the entire charging capacity is achieved after 1 hour 20 minutes of charging.


Tests on network operation proved that this UPS model is able to manage efficiently as reduced so increased voltage in a quite wide range without the switch to battery power. The range of input voltage equals to 134V-263V, while the output voltage keeps at 190V-236V mark. Speed of switching between the stabilization levels on transfer to the battery power is rather high (4 ms).

At the same time, the system (or device) is able to operate up to 25 minutes at 100W loading on switching to battery power supply; this time index reduces to 6 minutes at loading of 250W, and to 45 seconds – at full loading.
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  • 30 October 2012, 14:00
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