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Aerocool Intros Dead Silence System Fans

Aerocool Advanced Technologies is going to launch a new lineup of 140/120 mm system fans, entitled Dead Silence. As seen from the title, the products are distinguished by absolutely noiseless operation. However, this is not the only attraction. The lineup is introduced by bicolor models with black frames and white/blue/red/black mounting components. Four onboard LED backlight add to the fans’ aesthetic effect.

All the fans are designed on a hydrodynamic bearing that is able to run approximately 100.000 hours on end. All of them are connected to the motherboard by means of a 3-pin connector. The blades are made of two different materials (rubber and plastic), whereas their reverse side features a dedicated Fish-eye design. It provides for the minimization of turbulence. Moreover, four rubber clamps on the frame’s edges terminate the vibration and noise.

To proceed with the peculiarities, Aerocool Dead Silence fans of 120 mm dimensional type rotate at the maximal 1200 RPM, producing up to 92.9 CFM (noise level fluctuates between 15 dB). When enabling a dedicated resistor, rotational speed lowers to 800 RPM, producing not more than 62 CFM (noise – 12 dB). The fans’ recommended retail price makes up 14.55 EUR.

Dead Silence 140 mm fans achieve the maximal 1000 RPM, producing up to 109.8 CFM (noise 14.2 dB). Thanks to the nominal resistor, the speed might lower to 700 RPM, reaching 10.8 dB noise. Here, the customers will have to pay about 16.55 EUR to get a 140 mm fan.

Finally, in order to ensure the most efficient user experience, Aerocool included the following components into the shipping contents: four mounting screws, four mounting pins, one adapter to 4-contact MOLEX, and one cable with the voltage resistor.
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  • 08 January 2014, 17:53
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