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Crucial officially introduced a series of SSD-drives v4

Solid State Drives Crucial v4, informal shipments of which began in May, the day before were added to the price lists of dozens online stores across Europe, as well as clearly stated on the website This series is designed as a compromise between high performance devices Crucial m4 and slow by today's range hard drives.

Developer (Micron) is positioning 2.5-inch drives v4 as an inexpensive solution for computer systems of class mainstream and PCs, collected before 2011, when it received widespread Interface SATA 6 Gb / s. New items have the connector SATA 3 Gb / s and are characterized by maximum read / write speeds in the range 230/190 MB / s. The claimed amount of IO operations per second (IOPS, 4 KB blocks) is small — 10,000 for reading and writing at up to 4000. Retain the support TRIM operation, operating systems Windows, Linux and Mac.

Technical details are set out by the manufacturer rather sparingly, and yet such information as the controller model and the type of NAND flash memory (synchronous / asynchronous, ONFI / Toggle) is of great importance when choosing SSD for experienced users. The required information will be published later, with all details and reviews of Crucial v4.

A current list of models is following:
Crucial v4 32 GB 200/60 MB / s (maximum speed of read / write), 10000/1200 IOPS (read / write data blocks 4 KB), $ 50 (MSRP);
Crucial v4 64 GB: 230/100 MB / s, 10000/2400 IOPS, $ 70;
Crucial v4 128 GB: 230/190 MB / s, 10000/4000 IOPS, $ 100;
Crucial v4 256 GB: 230/175 MB / s, 10000/4000 IOPS, $ 190.
The warranty period for all of the above SSD is 3 years.
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  • 01 August 2012, 18:34
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