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Zalman Intros CNPS8X Optima CPU Cooler

Zalman is considered to be a key player in PC hardware field mainly due to a perfect combination of quality, functionality and price tags. CPU coolers are not an exception, since they ensure efficient and low-noise cooling of hard-hitting processors. The company’s latest CNPS8X Optima cooler is all about innovation that turns it around. Improved framework makes the model compatible with practically all platforms from Intel and AMD, save for Intel Socket LGA 2011/2011-v3/1366.

Zalman CNPS8x Optima employs a large heatsink, three copper heatpipes, and a single 92 mm fan. The latter is based on long-life bearing and features 4-contact connector. It is able to rotate at about 1200 RPM, producing not more than 30 dB noise.

The list of innovative technologies integrated into the cooler includes:

— Direct Touch Heatpipe (DTH) technology wherein all three heatpipes are in direct touch with a heatspreader. This accelerates heat dissipation process, enhancing overall …

Thermaltake Unveils Extraordinary Core G3 PC Chassis

Thermaltake decided to gladden its fans with the release of an offbeat chassis – the Core G3. The new-comer is differentiated by a slim profile (454x371x140 mm); however, it might be used for the fitting of various gaming configurations. Despite Slim Tower framework, the model is able to accommodate motherboards of full ATX form-factor with two expansion slots.

Thermaltake Core G3 might be employed as vertically so horizontally. Inner space is sufficient for the integration of 310-mm long graphics cards, SFX power supply units as well as 110-mm high CPU coolers. Besides, the availability of PCI Express riser allows for the mounting of the videocard in dual positions: parallel or perpendicular to the motherboard.

In order to enhance cooling performance, the user is free to integrate a liquid cooling system with a 240-mm heatsink. Initially, the chassis is furnished with two frontal 120-mm fans; one more 120-mm fan can be installed on the top facet. All cooling slots are …

Monitor ViewSonic VP2765-LED Review

The spectrum of monitors available in the market is able to satisfy the needs of the most fastidious customers. Nevertheless, such abundance of products creates some confusion when it comes about the purchase of a really worthy item. Monitor ViewSonic VP2765-LED belongs to the generation of professional models based on MVA array and is able to ensure appropriate color effects and high contrast range. Upon the whole, monitors with the implemented MVA technologies are considered to be rarity in the hardware market, so ViewSonic VP2765-LED deserves a special attention from the part of professional or entry-level customers.

Design and Framework

Monitor ViewSonic VP2765-LED is notable for the ponderous design void of refinement. Huge bearing bottom is the first striking peculiarity that bursts into the eye. Such design approach is called to ensure the 100% framework consistency which adds to the product’s reliability. Despite huge dimensions, the bearing is developed …

Processors, list of vendors

Here you can find a list of Processors vendors and download necessary drivers straight away. With a view to find a required driver out of 654963 items in our database inventory, select an appropriate vendor of Processors from the list of 25142 available in this section.

DevID : : Processors

The processor is a key component of PC hardware, laptop, mobile devices, virtual machines, network storage, and programmable logic controller. He is responsible for the performance of the whole system and relationship between its various components in particular.

The efficiency of the processor depends on the rules of the production technological process, micro-architecture, CPU frequency, power consumption and performance of computational kernels. On the effectiveness of the first two parameters to influence in any way it is impossible, but to optimize the performance of the rest is possible if you download drivers for processors and to perform fine adjustment of each function.

Today, like many years ago - a struggle for the consumer, there are two giant manufacturer of processors: Intel and AMD. These two companies regularly delight consumers of different levels (beginner, professional level, enthusiasts, testers) more powerful models with more impressive performance. Despite the emergence of new technologies and successful implementation of new features for the optimal operation of the processor is sufficient to configure the following settings (often through a graphical interface, for example, BIOS/UEFI BIOS):

  • the system bus frequency (CPU Clock). To overclock the CPU up to a certain level of performance, you can automatically or manually configure the value of the clock frequency of the system bus;
  • the core voltage/CPU cores. The core voltage when operating at rated speed is usually between 1.5-1.75 V. For the purposes of overclocking, the voltage should increase (limit – up to 1.85 V);
  • a cache memory. Any modern CPU is equipped with a high-speed cache memory. Its main task is to store frequently used data and instructions without delay to provide access to them. For optimizing the operation of the cache memory answer specific drivers processors;
  • energy consumption. Almost all the latest processors are equipped with energy-saving mechanisms, as well as protective functions. The first designed to minimize the energy consumption under different degrees of load on the CPU, and the second designed to protect the chip from overheating at higher voltages/frequencies by turning off the units at maximum load or simple;
  • bug fixes by updating the graphic shell - the BIOS Update. This setting involves the transfer of software microcode from the BIOS to the CPU in case of detecting errors in the CPU. Usually the errors detected by the developers themselves and the purpose of their elimination are issued the updated firmware interface.

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