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Preview of video-card Club 3D Radeon HD 7970 royalAce

Club 3D has released fifth model of the Radeon HD 7970 — with the prefix royalAce in the codename. Before «ace» there were represented “the king” HD 7970 royalKing and “Queen” HD 7970 royalQueen. New model works at higher frequencies, and supports dynamic overclocking. Into the configuration of Club 3D Radeon HD 7970 royalAce inserted 2048 stream processors. Nominal of core is 1050 MHz in normal mode and 1100 MHz in 3D-games. GDDR5 memory chips make total of 3 GB and operating at 6 GHz, the memory bus is 384 bits.

Club 3D Radeon HD 7970 is notable by its effective use of a proprietary cooling system. It is equipped with a dual-slot cooling system royalAce consisting of at least three copper heat pipes, an array of aluminum fins and a pair of fan size 80 mm. According to the manufacturer reports, the construction is very quiet (31.5 dB in the normal mode of operation, 38 dB — under load), and secondly, provides a nice temperature (average during the game GPU …

Google Unveils Some Facts about the New Brainchild Project Glass

One can hardly imagine a day without the news from the giant Google about its plans on development and upcoming acquirements. The company’s representatives have recently claimed about the initiation of the work on their new creation Google Project Glass. They also underlined that this project is of heightened importance for the company for the forthcoming future. The main information about the project is still shrouded in mystery, although certain facts about the future release have been highlighted.

Currently it is known beyond all doubt that the developers of Project Glass have already taken out a patent for their new product. This is an obligatory measure targeted at the prevention from the imitation by the competitors. In accordance with the existing patent, Google Project Glass is the universal device with the display for data projection. This device will be allegedly designed in the form of glasses and will have the integrated transceiver which will enable data reception …

CRYORIG A40 Review


The first decаde of thе 2000’s wаs the mоst prоspеrous аge of PC DIY and Ovеrclоcking. That was exаctly the time whеn CRYORIG was offіcially fоunded. CRYORIG teаm has wоrked both dirеctly and indirеctly with brаnds such as Thermalright, Prolimatech, Phanteks and some more. But the ambitіons and grеat potеntial mаde diffеrеncе and they dеcidеd to mаke a nаme fоr thеm.

CRYORIG is nоw succеssful mаinly becаuse of their sоlіd lіne-up of hіgh pеrfоrmаnce cооling products. Thеy hаve bееn rapіdly expаndіng into vаriоus markеts. Tоday we аre gоing to lооk clоsеr at CRYORIG A40. It usеs the sаme hybrіd dеsign аs the A40 Ultіmаtе and A80 оffеrіngs. Thе mаin dіffеrеnce cаn be fоund in the mоre affоrdаble nаture of thе A40. Not to waste the time, let’s start from the usual point of our rеviеws, whіch is Packaging and Contеnts.

Packaging and Contents

You get your CRYORIG …

Processors, list of vendors

Here you can find a list of Processors vendors and download necessary drivers straight away. With a view to find a required driver out of 654963 items in our database inventory, select an appropriate vendor of Processors from the list of 25142 available in this section.

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The processor is a key component of PC hardware, laptop, mobile devices, virtual machines, network storage, and programmable logic controller. He is responsible for the performance of the whole system and relationship between its various components in particular.

The efficiency of the processor depends on the rules of the production technological process, micro-architecture, CPU frequency, power consumption and performance of computational kernels. On the effectiveness of the first two parameters to influence in any way it is impossible, but to optimize the performance of the rest is possible if you download drivers for processors and to perform fine adjustment of each function.

Today, like many years ago - a struggle for the consumer, there are two giant manufacturer of processors: Intel and AMD. These two companies regularly delight consumers of different levels (beginner, professional level, enthusiasts, testers) more powerful models with more impressive performance. Despite the emergence of new technologies and successful implementation of new features for the optimal operation of the processor is sufficient to configure the following settings (often through a graphical interface, for example, BIOS/UEFI BIOS):

  • the system bus frequency (CPU Clock). To overclock the CPU up to a certain level of performance, you can automatically or manually configure the value of the clock frequency of the system bus;
  • the core voltage/CPU cores. The core voltage when operating at rated speed is usually between 1.5-1.75 V. For the purposes of overclocking, the voltage should increase (limit – up to 1.85 V);
  • a cache memory. Any modern CPU is equipped with a high-speed cache memory. Its main task is to store frequently used data and instructions without delay to provide access to them. For optimizing the operation of the cache memory answer specific drivers processors;
  • energy consumption. Almost all the latest processors are equipped with energy-saving mechanisms, as well as protective functions. The first designed to minimize the energy consumption under different degrees of load on the CPU, and the second designed to protect the chip from overheating at higher voltages/frequencies by turning off the units at maximum load or simple;
  • bug fixes by updating the graphic shell - the BIOS Update. This setting involves the transfer of software microcode from the BIOS to the CPU in case of detecting errors in the CPU. Usually the errors detected by the developers themselves and the purpose of their elimination are issued the updated firmware interface.

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