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CORSAIR Releases the Fastest VENGEANCE SODIMM DDR4 Modules Set for Compact Systems

The CORSAIR company releases the fastest set of SO-DIMM modules ever – CORSAIR VENGEANCE SODIMM DDR4 4,000MHz 32GB (CMSX32GX4M4X4000C19), the total capacity of which is 32 GB. It includes four sections of 8 GB each, being built on the base of top-grade Samsung B-die chips and featuring the effective frequency of 4,000 MHz at the 1.35 V operating voltage. The tested latency looks like 19-23-23-45. As in the case with most similar solutions, the device supports Intel XMP 2.0 overclock profiles.


Moreover, the CORSAIR VENGEANCE SODIMM DDR4 4,000MHz 32GB (CMSX32GX4M4X4000C19) kit maximum rating claimed is reached through the XMP 2.0 profile activation, so the user doesn’t have to take great efforts. A motherboard and a processor are to be compatible with such a mode. Considering that SO-DIMM modules are intended mostly for compact systems, they possess no heatsinks in their structure: chips are protected by a sticker.


The specialty obtained the …

SilverStone Debuts with SST-ST30SF Power Supply

SilverStone Technology has recently introduced its newest SFX power supply unit. Codenamed SST-ST30SF, it features 125x100x63.5 mm dimensions and weighs 800 g only. The unit is estimated for 300 W power and is capable to demonstrate more than 81% efficiency in 230 V networks. High efficiency level allowed the model to gain 80Plus Bronze certificate.

The most uncommon feature ascribed to SST-ST30SF is that it can operate in passive mode if thermal conditions allow. The unit is equipped with a fan of 80 mm dimensional type; it starts rotating only when the surrounding temperature reaches 55 degrees. This promotes for a considerable power reduction and practically silent work when the fan gets disabled. An average noise level on active operation makes up 18 dB.

SilverStone furnishes the new entry with a single +12V rail, estimated for 22 A current. In its turn, +3.3V rail is estimated for 21 A current, while +5V rail – for 20 A current. It should be noted that this unit …

The Manli GeForce GTX 1080 Ti with Blower Fan Card Is Coming Soon

Manli Technology has released an accelerator with a long name – Manli GeForce GTX 1080 Ti with Blower Fan. The M-NGTX1080TI/5RIHPPP specialty is based on the Nvidia PCB with a 7+2 phase power supply.

The cooler fundamental part and radiator fins are manufactured out of aluminium. The heatsink is divided into two sections (for a GPU and a power system); a blower fan is in between. The cooling element cover design resembles ocean waves. In the whole, the cooling system occupies two expansion slots, regarding the 282 х 126 х 42 mm dimensions of the card.

The device features 1,480–1,582 MHz frequency rate for a core and 11,010 MHz for the GDDR5X memory chip (the bus width is 352 bits).An HDMI and three DisplayPort ports serve for the image output. 6- and 8-pin PCI-E Power connectors ensure auxiliary power.

The Manli GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphics card will be on sale soon at the $700 tentative price.

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