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Corsair Outs ML Series of Fans

Corsair officially launches a new lineup of air fans, entitled ML. The greenhorns are introduced in two form-factors – 120 mm & 140 mm – as well as in three types: ML, ML Pro, ML Pro LED. The first version includes a pair of fans in the kit, the second one supports anti-vibration rubber pads in corners, whereas the third series comes equipped with LED backlight (white, blue or red). Consequently, the price range varies from $24.99 to $39.99.

The key advantage of Corsair ML fans is the incorporation of Magnetic Levitation Bearing. Thanks to magnetic levitation, the fins do not touch the motor, thus eliminating any frictions. This serves for the reduction of noise level and the enhancement of performance.

All 120-mm models rotate at 400-2400 RPM speed; they are supposed to be ideal companions to CPU coolers. At the same time, all 140-mm fans rotate at 400-2000 RPM; they are thought to act perfectly as system fans. On top rotational index the fans produce up to 75-97 CFM …

Oval CPU Cooler Xigmatek Colosseum SM128164 Review

Rivalry in the CPU cooling market is rather tough nowadays. Each and every manufacturer tries to exceed its competitors by elaborating high-performance and durable coolers. Some companies pay attention primarily to efficiency, while the others try to draw potential audience by an unusual design. Xigmatek, a renowned manufacturer in this segment, has been introducing qualitative and original solutions for many years. Its Colosseum SM128164 is a vindication of the assumptions that unusual in design coolers can be efficient. Let’s have a look at it.

Design and Framework

The Xigmatek Colosseum SM128164 at the first sight looks as an ordinary cooler of a rectangular form with the height of 157 mm. It consists of a heatsink block, a fan, a mirror-like base, and five heat pipes. The central pipe is larger than the other four: its diameter equals to 8 mm, whereas the side pipes feature 6 mm diameter. Nonetheless, if turning the cooler sideways, it becomes vivid that the item is a …

Flash Drive DataTraveler Locker + G2 develops the speed of 5 MB/s

With development of modern technologies, one may say that flash drive DataTraveler Locker + G2 represented by Kingston Digital has something common with antiques. According to the manufacturer «Flash Drive» is equipped with an interface USB 2.0, in recording mode has speed of 5 MB / s. Maximum speed in reading mode is equal to 10 MB / s.

Not surprisingly, that by promoting a new product the company relies on another feature — data protection. According to Kingston Digital, one can be confident in the safety of important data with DataTraveler Locker + G2. The drive automatically protects all information in two ways — using a hardware encryption and password protection. The drive has a password manager for the secure storage of user names and passwords (up to twenty accounts), as well as access to them. After ten failed attempts to enter the password, «flash drive» is locked and formats itself.

Drive DataTraveler Locker + G2 is compatible with Mac OS X and Windows, …

PCMCIA devices, tootjate nimekirja

Sellelt lehelt leiad nimekirja tootjate PCMCIA devices, autojuht, mille saab alla laadida meie kodulehelt. Parema otsingu sobiva draiveri 9794-saadaval meie andmebaasis valige tootja oma PCMCIA devices 9 esitatakse käesolevas paragrahvis.

DevID : : PCMCIA devices

Erinevalt lauaarvutite rikkaliku sortimendi rehvide sisend/väljund, kaasaskantavad arvutid on minimaalsete võimalustega välisseadmete ühendamiseks. Sageli ehitatakse лэптопов, ультрабуков ja неттопов ei kuulu rohkem kui kolm-neli liidesed USB, sadamad, LPT, PS/2, COM võivad üldse puududa. Sarnane probleem on olemas ja paigaldamisega emaplaat laiendamine. Siiski on mobiilseadmete on trump – pesa PCMCIA.

Pesa PCMCIA – see on selline välisseadme liidese klassi laptop. See võimaldab teil laiendada funktsionaalsust arvuti kaudu ühilduvate riistvara komponendid, mille kohta on vaja alla laadida juht PCMCIA seadmeid. Peamised voorused on see liides – võimalus kuum ühenduse seadmeid (ühenduse töötavas arvutis) ja kiire teabe edastamine.

Standard PCMCIA on mitmeid sorte. Kõige levinum neist on 32-bitine versioon CardBustoetav töö sagedus kuni 33 Mhz ja juhtimisviisi rehviga. Antud versioon on ka realiseerida eriline tehnoloogia energiasäästu; see aktiveerib ühendatud seade on ainult vastavalt vajadusele.

Tuleb märkida, et kõik kaardid on pesa PCMCIA jagatud kolme liiki. Esimese tüübi hulka kuuluvad seadme paksus 3.3 mm ja 16-bitise liidesega; teine tüüp hõlmab kaardi paksus on 5 mm 16-/32-bitise liidesega, ja kolmas tüüp – kaardi paksus 10.5 mm sarnaste võimalustega kasutajaliidese. Paigaldada seost OS laptop on lisatud uutele seadmetele ja osa kasutavad eriline – juht PCMCIA seadmeid.

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