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Zotac Launches a Duet of Nano Mini-PCs

Zotac always keeps a wary eye on the PC hardware progress. This time the company was one of the first manufacturers to integrate the latest Intel Core 8th Gen mobile processors (Intel Kaby Lake-R) into its line of mini-PCs. This is in reference to Zotac Mi640 nano and Zotac Mi660 nano models, codenamed ZBOX-MI640NANO & ZBOX-MI660NANO respectively.


Zotac Mi640 item is based on a 4-core Intel Core i5-8250U CPU, running at 1.6-3.4 GHz frequency. Meanwhile, the second item, Zotac Mi660, comes equipped with a more efficient CPU: Intel Core i7-8550U, operating at 1.8-4.0 GHz frequency. Both new-comers support CPUs with a customizable TDP level (10-25 W), though coming with a standard 15 W marker.


Mini-PCs employ iGPU Intel UHD Graphics 620 graphics core, a couple of SO-DIMM slots for up to 32 GB DDR4-2400 MHz modules. Storage subsystem includes a single 2.5-inch SATA HDD/SSD slot; additionally, there is a multimedia card-reader slot (SD/SDXC/SDHC). Network …

The Id-Cooling Auraflow 240 Is Compatible With All Advanced CPU Sockets

The ID-Cooling manufacturer keeps enriching its liquid cooling systems product range aimed at processing units. This time we are speaking about the closed-type ID-Cooling Auraflow 240 system, which stands out for its RGB LED-lighting, being able to synchronize colour and effects with the Asus Aura solution.

The water block is equipped with a C-shaped light diffuser. The heatsink fans are also illuminated; and the backlighting is powered through a stand-alone 12 V connector on the baseboard.

The 65x36 mm water block is backed by a copper cooler with scaled-down submerged ribs, which enlarges the overall heat transfer area. Ceramic bearings’ projected service life is up to 50,000 hours at the 2,100 rpm rotary velocity. Meanwhile, the noise level doesn’t exceed 25 dBA.

ID-Cooling Auraflow 240 features an aluminium heat dissipator, two 120 mm SF-12025 fans, 315 mm long sleeves, protected by the textile braiding. At the initial 7 V loading fans rotate at the 700–1,800 …

PC Case Aresze Enclave 8002 Review

Entry-level customers, as well as inveterate gamers and enthusiasts, have got the whole galaxy of options from PC chassis manufacturers. Mid-tower, mini-tower and full-tower cases are called to satisfy all basic requirements set by consumers. Aresze has been conquering this segment for a long time, thus it knows how to draw potential audience and win its predisposition by high-quality products. Its latest case Enclave 8002, designed specifically for gamers and enthusiasts, is distinguished by a large number of ventilation grids (almost on all panels), independent trilocular temperature CPU/PSU management, PWM fan rotational control, and dedicated dock-station for HDD hot swapping.


Aresze Enclave 8002 is developed in Mid-tower form-factor and features 500x517x210 mm dimensions. The case is made of steel with plastic and foam rubber inclusions. Its external surface is given black and red coloring to absolutely comply with its gaming predestination. This model is …

USB display adapters, tootjate nimekirja

Sellelt lehelt leiad nimekirja tootjate USB display adapters, autojuht, mille saab alla laadida meie kodulehelt. Parema otsingu sobiva draiveri 789615-saadaval meie andmebaasis valige tootja oma USB display adapters 1 esitatakse käesolevas paragrahvis.

DevID : : USB display adapters

Vaatamata tohutu progress PC disain monitoride tootjad ei kiirusta kõikjal integreerida oma tooteid web-kaamera. Kuna kasvav populaarsus online video-rakenduste, nõudluse sellised kasulikud девайсы suureneb plahvatuslikult. See tingib nende liikuvus, elegantne disain ja mitmekülgne ühilduvus nagu десктопными, nii ja mobiilsete arvutite, toetamise kaudu liides USB.

Luua web kaamera arvuti jõud, et isegi algaja kasutaja. Selleks tuleb ühendada vaba kiire sadamas ja installida draivereid USB видеоустройств. Enamikul juhtudel tootjad pakuvad ettevõtte rom tarkvaraga; kui see puudub, vajalikud draiverid on alati võimalik leida Internetist.

Et alustada tööd veebikaamera (või muu видеоустройством), esimese asjana arvuti peab seda avastada. Kontrollida, kas ta näeb süsteem, uued seadmed, leiate jaotisest "Skannerid ja kaamerad" peamiselt menüü. Kui süsteem tuvastab девайс, avaneb aken, milles küsitakse paigaldada kooskõlas OS draiverid. Pärast installimist kuvatakse special utility, mis käivitab kaamera töö.

Kui web-kaamera (muud video seadmed) on paigaldatud/ehitatud, kuid arvuti ei tuvasta seda võib olla vaja uuendada telefoni tarkvara ja laadida draiver USB видеоустройств. Tasub arvestada, et mõnikord on pärast uuendamist tuleb uuesti kohandada pildi parameetrid (reguleerida kontrastsust, värvide jne), kuna süsteem nullib kõik eelmised seaded.

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