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Encouraging Forecasts for Ultrabooks

Notebooks and netbooks, which have been the pioneers in the field of portative devices in the recent past, are now considered to be regular gadgets available practically for all people. IT market is oversaturated with the offers from different companies that produce those devices. Growing competition makes those companies invent new strategies in the development of notebooks, providing customers with more impressive performance and stunning design. The end of 2011 and beginning of 2012 was marked by the launch of new notebook generation, the generation of ultrabooks. The mass production of ultrabooks is prognosticated for the mid 2012.

The developers of portative devices took the challenge to combine the functional characteristics of ultrabooks with their ultrafine design. Such companies as HP, Lenovo, Dell, Acer, and Asustek can be called the pathfinders in this technological sphere and their masterpieces have seen the light already in the end of 2011. The representatives of those companies find it difficult to give the forecasts concerning the possible demand and profit level, since currently they are investigating the market in various customer groups. However, it’s feasible to assume that the first buyers of ultrabooks will be representatives of middle and big business structures; average customers will see the benefits of ultrabooks already at the end of testing period.

Asustek Company has assigned a special room for ultrabooks in their production and sales scheme for this year. The estimates of the company’s analysts forecast the 20% of overall revenue to be ascribed to ultrabooks. UX32 and UX21 will be the first models introduced into the market. UX32 model has the 13.3 diagonal, and UX21 – 11.6 correspondingly. Demand for these two models will determine the basic targeted groups in different countries.

Price setting policy is still at the development stage. Nevertheless, it’s obvious that the potential customers will have to spend not less than $1000 on one ultrabook. This implies that average people will not have financial possibilities to afford such costly devices. The developers promise to lower the price margin in the course of time with the increase of demand among the target groups. One more point to mention about ultrabooks. All new models of ultrabooks will be released with extreme cautiousness in order to avoid losses in case of low demand.
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  • 17 May 2012, 15:41
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