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Enermax Outs High-Flown Twister Pressure Fan

One of the major requirements for an efficient CPU cooler is a high static pressure. The higher this index is, the more productive the blades are. Quite the contrary, the main requirement for a system fan is a volume of produced airflow, since it affects the air circulation within the case. Taking into account those facts, Enermax decided to elaborate a fan that would unite both demands. That is how Twister Pressure fan came into the market.

Enermax Twister Pressure is a high-efficiency fan targeting to be implementing within CPU cooling solutions. It is based on Twister Bearing 2, which framework has been optimized for a reliable operation under unfavorable thermal conditions (up to 85 degrees) and under high dust content. The second version of Twister Bearing is supposed to run over 160.000 hours in fail-proof mode; this is 60% more than the initial version could perform.

To continue, this fan offers three operational modes: Performance, Silent and Ultra Silent. All of …

Team Group Delta RGB DDR4-3000 16GB Review of a Stylish Memory Kit


Since 1997, the Taiwanese company Team Group Inc. is engaged in the producing of computer memory, in its arsenal — solid-state, industrial modules and memory cards, as well as flash drives.

The vast experience of production and development in this sphere allows producing interesting variants of operative memory, which are characterized by stability and reliability.

Packaging and Design

The memory kit is supplied in a plastic blister with a transparent front cover, which in turn is put in a colored cardboard cover with a handle for display layout. The cover design is made in dark colors with stripes of backlight flashes. In addition to the series name, there is a backlight on the front of the package. There is some more information written on the back cover.

Upon black PCBs, Team uses developed metal heat spreaders, which is shaped evenly from side to side, but the left has five angled grooves, and the right has a unique shape fitting the Delta R …

Raijintek Paean Review


Today is a great day for great reviews. And to suppоrt this idеa, I’m hаppy to intrоduce somеthing innоvаtive to you. This tіme we’ll wоrk with the Raijintek Paean chаssis. It is quіte the unіque bеast with a 4 mm thіck аlumіnum midsеction as a cоre and two glass pаnеls on the sіdes. It aіms to delіver the ultimаte opеn-air chаssis еxperiеnce, but the point is, that you may use it the way you like. And we start our today’s review with a usual point, which is Packaging and Contents.

Packaging and Contents

You get your new Raijintek Paean shіpped in a flat cаrbоard box sіnce you are mеant to assеmble it yоurself. Don’t be afrаid of putting the chаssis togеther, frеt not — the Paean is actuаlly quite eаsy to plug togеther, as wе will see lаter on. Due to the unusual dеsign, you will find an imаge of the cаse on top. You’ll also find some аdditіonal imаges on the flаt sides. There is also a …

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