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SilverStone Debuts with SST-ST30SF Power Supply

SilverStone Technology has recently introduced its newest SFX power supply unit. Codenamed SST-ST30SF, it features 125x100x63.5 mm dimensions and weighs 800 g only. The unit is estimated for 300 W power and is capable to demonstrate more than 81% efficiency in 230 V networks. High efficiency level allowed the model to gain 80Plus Bronze certificate.

The most uncommon feature ascribed to SST-ST30SF is that it can operate in passive mode if thermal conditions allow. The unit is equipped with a fan of 80 mm dimensional type; it starts rotating only when the surrounding temperature reaches 55 degrees. This promotes for a considerable power reduction and practically silent work when the fan gets disabled. An average noise level on active operation makes up 18 dB.

SilverStone furnishes the new entry with a single +12V rail, estimated for 22 A current. In its turn, +3.3V rail is estimated for 21 A current, while +5V rail – for 20 A current. It should be noted that this unit …

A Pair of Monitors with 5:4 Aspect Ratio from iiyama

Iiyama, a Japanese monitor manufacturer, replenished its product line with a pair of displays with an unusual aspect ratio. Models E1980SD-W1and E1980SD-B1 feature 5:4 aspect ratio and differ from each other only by the color of casing (white and black). Along with all up-dated technologies and possibilities, iiyama offers a 3-year limited warranty that secures absolutely free servicing for all customers. The recommended price for the new entries is established at $177 mark.

Monitors E1980SD-W1and E1980SD-B1 employ TN+film panel type and are characterized by 5 ms array response time (transfer from White to Gray). The nominal resolution of 1280x1024 ensures good viewing angles (170 degrees across and 160 degrees down), 250 cd/m2 maximal brightness, and 1000:1 maximal static contrast with five million to 1 dynamic contrast. Option iStyleColor is responsible for the improvement of image quality.

Both models are characterized by the reduced showings of power consumption. …

The single-board Hardkernel Odroid-XU4Q PC Got a Massive Heatsink Instead of a Fan

The single-board Odroid-XU4 PC by Hardkernel, released in 2015, has got its new modified successor, called Odroid-XU4Q, which allows to construct devices for smart houses and Internet of things. There are no profound changes, though. A new version obtained a rather large sized (40 х 40 х 25 mm) heatsink instead of a low-profile fan. Such a solution makes the PC operation completely silent.

The board is based on the Samsung designed Exynos 5422 processor; the chipset is built on the ARM big.LITTLE architecture – it has four Cortex-A15 cores with up to 2.0 GHz clock speed and four Cortex-A7 cores with up to 1.4 GHz frequensy. The integrated Mali-T628 MP6 controller provides graphics processing.

The novelty from Hardkernel features 2 GB of RAM, a microSD card slot, one HDMI 1.4, one USB 2.0, two USB 3.0 and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. The flash module capacity can be equal to 16, 32 or 64 GB.

Customers can purchase a monoboard ODROID-XU4Q PC at the approximate $60 …

Fireware devices, lista de fabricantes

Nesta páxina podes atopar unha lista de fabricantes Fireware devices controladores pode descargar na nosa web. Para o mellor buscar un controlador axeitado para fóra de 6328 dispoñibles na nosa base de datos, seleccione o fabricante dos seus Fireware devices de 4 presentados nesta sección.

DevID : : Fireware devices

Estándar Fireware (IEEE 1394) – un método de transmisión de información en formato dixital a través dunha serie de alta velocidade do bus. Na maioría dos casos, esta norma é usado para a comunicación entre o ordenador e o equipo de gravación/reprodución de vídeo e audio.

O seu desempeño de alta velocidade Fireware está preto o desempeño do pneumático USB versión 2.0, pero a diferenza deste último, permite conectarse ao mesmo tempo bsobreun moito maior de cantidade de dispositivos (ata 60!). Para garantir a funcionalidade de todos os equipos conectados axudar o condutor para Fireware dispositivos'.

As principais vantaxes do autobús IEEE 1394 pode ser atribuído ao custo relativamente baixo de integración, moi rápido transferencia de datos, e conectividade dispositivos en "quente" modo de Plug-and-play. Esta modalidade permite conectar/desactivar dispositivos en calquera momento (mesmo cando hai un intercambio de información) sen medo de perda ou erros nos datos. Ademais, Fireware ofrece transferencia de datos e a subministración de enerxía a través do único cable.

Se está conectando equipamentos de ordenador non recoñece-lo, entón ten que baixar os controladores para Fireware dispositivos, ou actualizar o desactualizados. Isto vai esixir acceso directo á Internet.

Normalmente, tales dispositivos veñen con un separado disco, que contén toda a información necesaria para o traballo efectivo condutores. Se é falta ou o software non cumpre os requisitos do actual sistema OPERATIVO, executar a actualización a través do Xestor de dispositivos.


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