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The Latest FSP Dagger Power Supply Units Are Already on Sale

The well-known PSU manufacturer FSP has voiced the launch of retailing of its latest modular Dagger line power units, being announced during the Computex event. The specialties are of 500 and 600 W nominal capacity, made in the SFX form-factor and are 80 Plus Gold certified (88% efficiency at 230 V). These are good-quality solutions, which do not take much room. Producers claim, they are perfect for micro-ATX or mini-ITX gaming systems.

The FSP SDA500 and SDA600 Dagger products give out 100% of power at 12V circuit, which means 41.6 А and 50 А respectively. The devices are overvoltage, overheat, overpower and short circuit protected, equipped with a power factor active correction mechanism and support SFX12V V3.3 and ATX12V V2.4 standards. Proper cooling is ensured by a low-noise 80 mm double ball bearing fan.

Presently the FSP Dagger SDA500 and SDA600 power supplies are officially on sale at the recommended price of $99 and $109. The company-issued warranty is 5 years.

Basic Features of Cooler Master X6 Elite

CPU air cooling systems are nowadays represented by a wide rage of items supplied by dozens of manufacturers and targeted at various consumer groups. This entails the violent competition among companies that launch new model lines rather frequently. Nevertheless, the abundance of items of various framework and price ranges doesn't imply that every manufacturer implements innovative approaches pertained to the coolers' layout or operational facilities. The vast majority of products are identical from the base, but still there are companies that manage to win their customers by the conglomeration of design, performance and framework. Cooler Master belongs to such companies which gladden their potential consumers by ever newer cooler models. Its X6 Elite cooler has got a few peculiar features which are sure to attract people and differentiate this product from other similar items.

Framework Peculiarities

Cooler Master X6 Elite is developed in tower-shape form factor and weighs …

New All-in-One Business Solution MSI AP190

MSI has just unveiled its newest all-in-one PC, codenamed AP190. The model of 575x447x197 mm dimensions is an ideal solution for corporate needs with a sleek design and outstanding possibilities. It features a removable rack that facilitates in switching the display into a portrait mode and in manipulation with sensor functional. Along with the display, the customers receive a keyboard, a wired mouse, and an optional TV-tuner. MSI promises to launch AP190 already in late January, though pricing is still unknown.

MSI AP190 runs under Windows 8.1 platform. The heart of the system is a two-core Intel Celeron 1037U CPU with an integrated Intel HD Graphics controller. Its maximal TDP level makes up 12 W only. The model features 18.5-inch display, supporting 1366x768 resolution.

Along with 4 GB DDR3 memory, this all-in-one solution is equipped with 3.5-inch drive of 500 GB capacity (SATA 6 Gb/sec), DVD SuperMulti drive, multi-format card-reader, a web cam, two inbuilt speakers …

Fireware devices, lista producătorilor

De pe această pagină puteți găsi o listă a producătorilor de Fireware devices, un driver pentru care îl puteți descărca de pe site-ul nostru. Pentru o mai bună căutare bun conducător din 6328 existente în baza noastră de date, selectați producătorul ta Fireware devices 4 prezentate în această secțiune.

DevID : : Fireware devices

Standard Fireware (IEEE 1394) – metodă de transmitere a informațiilor în format digital prin circuitul de mare viteză de autobuz. În cele mai multe cazuri, acest standard este utilizat pentru schimbul de date între calculator și echipamente de înregistrare/redare video și audio.

Sale de mare viteză indicatori Fireware se apropie de indicatorii de anvelope USB versiunea 2.0, dar spre deosebire de acesta, permite conectarea simultan bdespreльшее numărul de dispozitive (de până la 60 de ani!). Asigura performanța la doar echipamentul conectat ajuta driver pentru Fireware dispozitive.

Principalele avantaje anvelope IEEE 1394 poate fi atribuită relativ low-cost de integrare, destul de transferul rapid de date, precum și posibilitatea de a conecta dispozitive la "cald" modul Plug-and-play. Acest mod vă permite să conecta/deconecta de gadget-uri în orice moment (chiar și atunci când are loc un schimb de informații), fără temeri de pierdere sau de erori în date. În plus, Fireware efectuează transferul de date și alimentarea cu tensiune pe un cablu.

Dacă vă conectați echipamente de computer nu a reușit să-l recunoască, atunci ar trebui să descărcați driverele pentru Fireware dispozitive sau actualiza învechite. Pentru aceasta aveți nevoie de acces direct la Internet.

De obicei, astfel de dispozitive sunt livrate cu un disc, pe care sunt plasate toate necesare pentru funcționarea eficientă drivere. Dacă acesta lipsește sau software-ul nu corespunde cerințelor actuale de sistemul de OPERARE, efectuați o actualizare prin device manager (Manager dispozitive.


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