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Overview of the MSI B250M Mortar Motherboard

January of 2017 was marked by the emergence of new processors Intel Kaby Lake-S, while the motherboard manufacturers have released products based on fresh 200- series chipsets. The PCH execution identity allows vendors to produce different models based on the earlier designed PCB. MSI B250M Mortar is one of the kind, as the manufacturer has a similar model – MSI Z270M Mortar.

Technical Characteristics

In fact, B250 is the youngest of the latest generation products. The most significant of its innovations is supporting the work of drives with PCI-E interface, mainly implemented in the popular now format M.2. The model is equipped with an expansion slot of this type. Additional adapters are unavailable, so all the possibilities come through Intel B250. The network interface uses the Intel controller, and the sound is formed by Realtek ALC892.

The B250M’s characteristics are as follows:

• Chipset – Intel B250 • Processor socket – Socket 1151 • …

Vendors Present the Shuttle X1 Nettop as a Gaming Mini PC

Shuttle is well-known for its nettops, cases and barebone systems. In the meantime it presented its latest product – a mini PC under the X1 code name.

Despite the fact that a nettop cannot function as a gaming system, a pilot Shuttle X1 hybrid is developed to prove a negative. The novelty will operate the NVIDIA graphics accelerator, support VR content and 4K video.

Reportedly, Shuttle X1 will be based on the unidentified Intel processor. Vendors assure that by the time of release the chipset chosen will be one of the most innovative Intel solutions for devices of such a format. Customers should also expect Intel Optane support and presence of many interfaces for peripherals and accessories connection on the X1 chassis.

Regarding Shuttle X1 dimensions, we must admit that according to the image published, the nettop is going to beat Intel NUC and will be not pocket-sized. Unfortunately, for the moment Shuttle experts decided not to reveal technical details and shared …

Akasa Blade: Solid Mid Tower for gamers and enthusiasts

The range of chassis Mid Tower from the company the Akasa is added by new model called the Blade and its modification Blade Distinction Edition with a transparent window on the side wall, which are addressed in the first place for demanding users from among gamers and computer enthusiasts.

Both new products are painted black inside and out, have a grilled front panel and are available in versions with blue or red front LED. They are made of sheet steel of thickness 0.7 mm, have dimensions of 207 x 521,5 x 491,5 mm, compatible with standard Micro-ATX/ATX and have seven expansion slots.

Each of the buildings is equipped with one 3.5-inch and three 5.25-inch external bays, and has internal seats to install five 3.5-inch and three 2.5-inch drives. The maintenance of optimum temperature inside the products is managed by three fans, namely a 120-mm front, a 170-mm on the upper lid and one 120mm rear. In addition, realized the possibility of the application of liquid cooling …

Fireware devices, senarai pengeluar

Pada halaman ini, anda boleh mencari senarai pengeluar Fireware devices pemandu anda boleh turun di laman web kami. Untuk yang terbaik mencari pemandu yang sesuai keluar dari 6328 ada di pangkalan data kami, memilih pengilang anda Fireware devices dari 4 disampaikan di bahagian ini.

DevID : : Fireware devices

Standard Fireware (meluasnya penggunaan 1394) – kaedah menghantar maklumat dalam format digital melalui sebuah serial bas kelajuan tinggi. Dalam kebanyakan kasus ini standard adalah yang digunakan untuk berkomunikasi antara komputer dan peralatan untuk merakam/main video dan audio.

Itu kelajuan tinggi prestasi Fireware adalah dekat dengan prestasi tayar USB versi 2.0, tapi tidak seperti yang kedua, membolehkan kau untuk menyambung pada masa yang sama btentangyang lebih besar kuantiti peranti (sehingga ke 60!). Untuk memastikan fungsi semua terhubung peralatan bantuan pemandu untuk Fireware peranti'.

Kelebihan utama bus meluasnya penggunaan 1394 boleh dikaitkan dengan rendah kos integrasi, agak cepat pemindahan data, dan sambungan peranti di "hot" mod Plug-dan-main. Ini membolehkan kau untuk menyambung/putus di mana-mana masa (bahkan ketika ada pertukaran informasi) tanpa rasa takut kehilangan atau kesalahan dalam data. Di samping itu, Fireware memberikan data memindahkan dan bekalan kuasa melalui kabel tunggal.

Jika anda menggunakan peralatan komputer gagal mengenali ini, maka anda harus turun pemandu untuk Fireware peranti, atau update yang ketinggalan zaman. Ini akan memerlukan akses langsung ke Internet.

Biasanya alat-alat itu datang dengan memisahkan disc, yang mengandungi semua yang diperlukan untuk kerja yang berkesan pemandu. Jika ia hilang atau perangkat tidak memenuhi syarat-syarat semasa OS, jalankan kini melalui Pengurus peranti.


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