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​ECS Durathon 2 A320AM4-M3: Variant of a Budget Motherboard


So many motherboards have been appeared year after year. Today, the focus of our review is a motherboard with a complicated name - ECS Durathon 2 A320AM4-M3. The ECS Company is widely known for its small and compact PCs, let’s see what about its motherboards. ECS has released several models of the microATX form factor, which are designed to create PCs with AMD Ryzen processors. Among them - A320AM4-M3 based on the set of system logic AMD A320.



Socket - AM4

Chipset - AMD A320

Form Factor - MicroATX

Voltage Regulator - 3+2 Phases

Video Plugs - (1) HDMI 1.4, (1) DVI-D, (1) D-Sub

USB Ports - 5Gb/s: (4) Type A, (2) USB 2.0

Network Slots - (1) Gigabit Ethernet

Audio Slots - (3) Analog

Legacy Slots - (2) PS/2

PCIe x16 - (1) v3.0 (x16)

PCIe x1 - (1) v2.0

DIMM Slots - (2) DDR4

M.2 Slots - (1) PCIe v3 x4/SATA3

SATA Ports - (4) 6Gb/s

USB Headers - (1) 5 Gbps, (2) USB2.0

Fan Headers - (2) 4-Pin

Other Interfaces …

HIS submitted a non-reference card Radeon HD 7970 X

Hightech Information System Company has completed the development of its secret weapon — the video card HIS 7970 X. The relatively modest-looking product, according to producer’s statement, is equipped with a (18 +1 +1)-channel power supply system, high-performance cooler IceQ X2 and non-standard set of ports — four Mini DisplayPort, single DVI and HDMI. The technology AMD Eyefinity 6 is supported — simultaneous work with six monitors. Clock frequency speeds up model 1000/6000 MHz for core and memory respectively. Hong Kong vendor assigns a novelty to a class of graphics cards Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition.

The cooler is composed by a copper base, three 6-mm and two 8-mm heat pipes, ribs (cooler chips on the VRM and RAM), an aluminum radiator. A pair of 90-mm fan cool the core of Tahiti XT (2048 shaders, 384-bit memory bus) which combines with 3072 MB of memory GDDR5. Additional power is provided by two 8-pin connectors PCI-E Power, in addition memory individually powered …

AOC AG352UCG6 Black Edition Display Is Designed to Give Joy to Zestful Gamers

According to reports of several network resources, AOC is going to release the AG352UCG6 Black Edition monitor, designed to become a part of gaming systems.


The specialty distinguishes itself due to a large 35-inch curved panel with the 3440 × 1440 pixels resolution. Key specifications include the 300 cd/m2 brightness, 2500:1 contrast ratio, 4 ms (GtG) response time and 120 Gz refresh rate, while viewing angles indicated are 178 degrees vertically and horizontally. The 100 % coverage of the sRGB colour gamut is claimed.


AG352UCG6 Black Edition supports the NVIDIA G-Sync technology, ensuring smooth video stream transfer without delays. The monitor possesses digital HDMI 1.4 and DisplayPort 1.2 interfaces, intended for signal sources connection.


The novelty is enclosed into the black framework with the silver insert at the rear. A detached holder for headphones or a headset is also added.


Customers will be …

Hard disk controllersYamaha, 列出的车型

选择模型的你Hard disk controllers公司Yamaha从名单1模型提出了上的这一页。 在我们的数据库的多元d司机,你可以下载完全免费的。

硬盘驱动器是一个复杂的装置、一个小型机与其自身的处理器的控制的芯片、RAM和盘、电视记录和读取数据的接口模块和定位系统。 这通常表现为一个或两个芯片(在物理形式)、焊接在委员会,以及实施转换操作的数据流动。

许多现代化的驱动的特征是各种模式,包括 DMA2, 超DMAPIO的。 为了利用这些模式,它建议下载驱动硬盘控制器。 模式 DMA (直接访存)是有用的,因为它可以让你大卸载CPU的电脑中的数据汇业务;所述的控制器是在直接与计算机连接的界面。 与此相反 DMA模式 PIO 采用的CPU时传送数据的通过接口;然而,控制器具有直接访问RAM。

有时操作系统无法识别的硬盘控制器,即使安装的驱动程序。 为此原因,可以以下:

  • 机械损害赔偿。 当罢工或下降的因素的密封可以变形。 变形的大多数往往受到的接口或联系,在该网站的连接线路。 当一个小程度的破坏,设备可以修复,但生活的元素大大减少。 这也是值得考虑的可能性的工厂的缺陷单个元素;
  • 电器的损坏。 性能电脑硬件在很大程度上取决于稳定的压petenera的系统。 在过量的情况下,尖峰或锋利的剪断电压和静电放电引信的电源电路、电路或在最糟糕的情况下,控制器CPU能烧出来的。 经常引信是不可修理的,并需要更换;
  • 过时的硬盘驱动器磁盘控制器。 当你升级硬件的计算机(或其中一些部件)以前安装的程序需要更新安装的关系。

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